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  1. I love my 007, so get one of the others. Have fun
  2. I am with Andy. Love Seikos and just bought yet another Casio. I have a few swiss watches too.
  3. Brilliant - that made me chuckle.
  4. As mine is water resistant and has a metal strap I take it in the shower with me and use soap. The same with my glasses on the advice of my optician.
  5. Hi all Just got a Fossil 4108 delivered, its certainly not the greatest watch ever but for under $50 delivered with and automatic movement must give Vostok a run for their money quality wise. The Glass and case are not the hardest in the world, the lume is rubbish compared to Seiko, but it is auto and cheap, keeps good time. I believe itsa a Miyota movement and you can hear the weight only working in one direction. Value for money I think Fossil are very good. Comment..
  6. I have been thinking on these but they look so big and my wrist is slight. Does look cool though. I built a receiver and decoder for the rugby one a few years back (what a geek!) and it took three or four boards of components to work. Amazing to pack it into a watch, didn't Junghans make the first one? Can't find a broadcast in Oz, shame. Russia, Europe, England (Rugby) , US and Japan have transmitters but none reach Aus. Maybe they will use the SATNAV signals eventually as they are global. GDOM and GD DX to Phillionaire. -.-. --.-
  7. I am not admitting to anything with this
  8. Looks like a very nice watch, never heard of croton before but looks like a fairly common ETA 7750 movement one shared by many manufacturers. Not much of a clue on price, is it gold plated? Looks as if it hand wound only which would agree with the date you put on it. At a guess its over £200 but under £1000. Not much help I know. I would use it.
  9. I got a new Seiko 5 for £24 and i thought that was good. Looks military to me and looks good on the Nato.
  10. Yep I would choose one of those, not very helpfull I know. What about trying for a quantity discount and getting both? I went for an SKX007 myself, and it very quickly became my favorite. So well made, and the movement is supurb.
  11. Need sharp pictures to even hazard a guess. Obvious standard quartz movement layout.
  12. Its worth £20 of my money. Just so nice to own an example.
  13. Looks like a very nice watch, Grandfathers can be such nice chaps as mine was with a pocket watch. A waltham I posted in the pocket watch section. I would treasure that, and if it broke never repair. Always as my Grandfather had it. Just as an aside m3vwg?? sounds like a callsign. Is it? If so mine is g0fdm
  14. Love the watch, after one myself but they have just put the prices up again. Love that bracelet too, thats not standard Vostok is it?
  15. I like gold and black, the old JPS colours. You are a very brave man to go against a memeber of management though.
  16. Thanks for the pics, looks so cool. Love the winding bezel.
  17. Loved the post Russel, now the misses knows I am not as bad as I could be. 8 watches in three weeks wow! My ha'pence on fakes is that they are fine if marked and sold as such, but they are not for me. A fake is such an unknown quantity I would always feel done even if it was only £1. I have seen a few fakes and I am sure they do not make their owners feel proud. Rather have a genuine budget than a expensive fake. Nearly all of us could buy a rolex or omega if thats what our heart is set on, we may not all achieve a 20k+ watch but not so hard to get into 4k or so if we really wanted to. Smoking 20 a day is near enough 2k/year, I spent over £4k just on diesel last year (lots of miles though).
  18. I think 1508.8 feet is as round as we will get. Thats about 251.5 fathoms wow. Not allowing for any wave effect of course. I think Seikos are superbly made and a look at the topics in this part of the forum shows just how dominant Seiko is. I adore my 007, its my daily watch. Love to see an objective price/quality chart comparing all watches, Seiko must at or near the top,
  19. .... is their site with contact address. If they will not supply direct they must have a list of distributors who could I would of thought.
  20. How about a Vostok movement, take your pick from auto or not. Poljot if you wantr to be flash! You can buy the whole Vostok watch if they won't sell movements.
  21. I got a new Seiko 5 of the bay for £28 which I thought was a deal.
  22. But why 460m? Why not 500m? or is this 1500 foot. Just does not seem like a round number.
  23. I get a vague impression Thian likes his Toucans. I think a bright blue and yellow bezel myself, but then the wife will tell you, I have no taste.
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