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  1. Thank you for the info! I knew that Silvermans was selling “Reissues” with the T but were really Luminova markings.. but I thought they all had the date now.. maybe this one was made prior to them adding the date serial? Not sure.. CWC actually just got back to me via Instagram which I’m surprised they answered me.. they said its most likely a late 90s model which I had assumed but didn’t comment on the Bright Lume shot.
  2. Hey everyone! I just picked up a pre owned CWC SBS Quartz Diver and was hoping to find out a few things about it here. Here is what I know about the watch: I bought it second hand from a guy who said he bought from a surplus store and that guy bought it from a service man who purchased it on his own. The dial does have the circle T, meaning it should be tritium unless it’s a re issue There is no serial/date on the back of the watch which makes me think it’s not a re issue as all the newer ones have that info, after doing a little research it looks like CWC in the late 90s made some non serialized unissued divers maybe it’s from that batch? the bezel is 60 click the only thing making me think otherwise is when I received the watch yesterday and put some light on the fade the dial glows pretty strong that it seems like it shouldn’t be tritium and it has lume on it. Which is why I’m confused anyone have any ideas? here is a link to images of the watch https://imgur.com/a/RAsmddm Thanks so much!
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