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  1. This is the watch I really feel in love with after seeing it in person at the omega boutique, I actually wasn't even interested in the watch going in. Wanted the speedmaster professional, but this watch just grabbed my eyes in person over the speedy. I don't wear a full suit most days unless there's something really serious that calls for it, just a button up dress shirt, usually with a sports jacket and chinos with dress shoes. This watch is very sporty already as a dive watch, but the rubber strap makes it even more so. I'm not sure if it's appropriate to wear for this watch. I can see
  2. I added this dark navy strap to my JLC. I find Dark navy keeps dress watches formal but gives it a younger more energetic vibe. Especially if you're younger like me. IMG_3503.MOV
  3. The seamaster 300 is the clear winner for me.
  4. I was wearing it while looking at a large mirror away from the counter and was trying to adjust it myself and the salesperson came to help. My wrist isn't huge, just under 7in, but I'm a large guy at 6'3 210lbs so it's hard to tell how the watch size fits unless I look at it from a distance.
  5. I went to look at a few watches at the VC boutique. I didn't drop it, but the watch fell as the salesperson was trying to adjust it on my wrist. My quick reflexes with my right hand caught it as it fell, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be my fault anyways. Anyone ever drop or had the sales person drop a watch? What happened? Would I have to buy it if I drop it on accident?
  6. So I'm guessing this wouldn't happen in London or Reading https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/3948282?fbclid=IwAR3QMbqUhWyeroTsnCAouDJRskDY-TVfsldzwP8vHoPmYarOnb2_LEOyIOE
  7. Are there any ADs in Reading, I only see Goldsmiths in the Oracle. Not sure if thats the only option to shop.
  8. It's that bad even the Oracle is not safe?
  9. Any advice on what I should be aware of. Places not to go to? I haven’t really explored much with the virus and all.
  10. I didn’t know reading was like this. It seems like a nice small town. That terrorist stabbing was crazy.
  11. IDK, there's no such thing as bad neighborhoods in Taipei. Bike gangs don't roam the streets. It's really hard to find trouble. You can walk anywhere, anything, and be OK. That does not sound like London. Stabbings are rare and a big deal, it seems like a everyday thing in London looking at the news here. The question wasn't for JLC exclusively, just nice watches.
  12. I wasn't sure if it's just an exaggeration, but while looking into it on the news, it seems high profile people are targeted. I don't know what to make of it, I've also heard the situation has gotten worse, but idk if it's a serious concern. Like you said, robberies happen everywhere, but it's strange for people to make a point of it in a nice city like London. I see, good to hear. I suppose it's more about common sense and having good instincts like most places. I've grown increasingly nervous about being in Europe and robberies. A friend of mine had her watch stolen in Barcelona on
  13. I’ve recently moved to the UK. I live in Reading, just outside of London. Someone I was talking to while wearing my JLC said I should avoid wearing it in London. Has it become that dangerous in London? I’m from Taipei where people will return a gold Rolex found on the street. It actually has happened before. It’s completely new to me that London could be so dangerous. It's not like some impoverished place. Are there not enough police keeping people safe?
  14. Wow, looks good in the natural light
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