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  1. The rail master is really an under appreciated watch in the omega collection
  2. This looks like a good option pre owned. But I have to say, new I would go for the seamaster.
  3. I’m loving the Cartier Santos Dumont XL with the automatic movement. But here is my conundrum, I have a JLC ultra thin Reserve de marche which is a dress watch. I don’t have a proper sports watch and the seamaster also looks amazing. I would love a Cartier but I just feel like I need a proper sports watch to wear when I’m not at the office.
  4. Definitely. I’m open to different ideas and now I’m interested in some of the non big brands recommend. It’s a big purchase, and I wanted no regrets.
  5. That’s fair. I have been looking at the Cartier santos dumont, sea master, and the snowflake. But I didn’t want to buy anything before checking if there’s anything I missed. This is where you my watch’s forum friends come in.
  6. I’m going to take another look at Tutor at the ADs and try them on person. Maybe something will speak to me. I like that sea master as well, but I’m a rubber strap. For some reason, I find the stainless steel bracelet ugly on the sea master.
  7. I’ve been eyeing the Sea master for a while. Really do like the white one on a rubber strap. as for Tudor; I like them. But I always feel like I should just save up and buy a Rolex. I like the wya Tudor looks. But my feeling is why don’t I just get some discipline and save up more for a Rolex if I’m spending that kind of money for a luxury watch. They hold value better and a Rolex is a Rolex. Even if you don’t like Rolex, you still respect it. Can’t say I’m a fan of this dial. I’m not a huge fan of Breitling tbh. Doesn’t speak to me personally. I like the moon watch but i think it will be another time I get it. As for the Seiko, I like it but I’m more inclined to get the Snowflake if I went with GS. What do you guys think of Cartier? This Santos Dumont has an automatic movement which is cool https://www.watches-of-switzerland.co.uk/Cartier-Santos+dumont-Watch-Extra+Large-Model..-Hand+Wound-Mechanical-Movement..-Steel..-Leather-WSSA0032/p/17311101
  8. I just received a large bonus form work. I would like to put aside 5k to buy a watch. I would to hear some recommendations, I’m fine with watches slightly over the budget. I currently have a JLC Ultra Thin Reserve de Marche. Maybe a sports watch would be a good addition to the collection.
  9. This is the watch I really feel in love with after seeing it in person at the omega boutique, I actually wasn't even interested in the watch going in. Wanted the speedmaster professional, but this watch just grabbed my eyes in person over the speedy. I don't wear a full suit most days unless there's something really serious that calls for it, just a button up dress shirt, usually with a sports jacket and chinos with dress shoes. This watch is very sporty already as a dive watch, but the rubber strap makes it even more so. I'm not sure if it's appropriate to wear for this watch. I can see some rubber straps be ok like the aquanaut, who will say it's not ok to wear it ever haha, but wasn't sure about this watch. It's not too thick imo, and could probably slide under the cuff fine. What do you guys think?
  10. I added this dark navy strap to my JLC. I find Dark navy keeps dress watches formal but gives it a younger more energetic vibe. Especially if you're younger like me. IMG_3503.MOV
  11. The seamaster 300 is the clear winner for me.
  12. I was wearing it while looking at a large mirror away from the counter and was trying to adjust it myself and the salesperson came to help. My wrist isn't huge, just under 7in, but I'm a large guy at 6'3 210lbs so it's hard to tell how the watch size fits unless I look at it from a distance.
  13. I went to look at a few watches at the VC boutique. I didn't drop it, but the watch fell as the salesperson was trying to adjust it on my wrist. My quick reflexes with my right hand caught it as it fell, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be my fault anyways. Anyone ever drop or had the sales person drop a watch? What happened? Would I have to buy it if I drop it on accident?
  14. Wow, looks good in the natural light
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