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  1. Hi there, Just wondering if anyone could help an idiot out! I'm a newbie and just getting into the hobbie. I've successfully serviced and repaired a couple of old British 'Services' movements. And now I'm getting around to ordering crystals and I'm flummoxed! It appears to be a tension ring domed acrylic crystal. But I'm not too sure. The chrome ring is on the inside of the crystal. The crystal is 30mm in diameter, 4mm high, and the side walls are 2mm. It's domed, but doesn't seem to be a high dome? And the watch case opening doesn't seem to have any indents in the side wall, just straig
  2. Hi, New to the forum. I got into (VERY) amateur watchmaking because I buggered up the keyless works on an ETA2824-2 and my local watchmakers were off work because of the lockdown, so I thought hey, why not give it a go.. What's the worst that can happen... Anyway, it turned out I'd dislodged the stop lever. I realised that after replacing 2/3rds of the keyless works with new parts :D But such is the learning curve. I found it really relaxing, and at the same time I got addicted to long relaxing servicing videos on youtube. So after spending a few hundred quid on tools and getting
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