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    WMF Clock

    Morning Simon, I recently acquired this clock which I would like to have resorted as close to original as possible. I have attached images and some communication between myself and the watchmaker. I live in Durban, South Africa and would appreciate if you could assist with parts or your guidance please. Kind regards David Ellis Simon I am not sure how to insert images.Can I perhaps WhatsApp them to you.
  2. Morning @Always"watching", Thank you, the watch is with with a watchmaker for a repair quote. Being in RSA it may be difficult to find spares, however,if that fails I will send it to Simon in the UK. I have again tried to find this model on the internet without success. Have you perhaps come across this Roamer model?
  3. Thanks Jo T, I will follow your advice and get it repaired. I think it must be a rare model as I have not been able to find a similar one on the net. Anyway, my wife loves it and will enjoy it. Appreciate your response.
  4. Thanks again, your advice is appreciated.
  5. Thank you, I appreciate your response. Regards David
  6. Hi, it is not working , however,I have not yet obtained advice from a repairer.
  7. Good Morning, Please could you assist me with more information on this Ladies Roamer Cocktail watch I recently bought at auction. It appears to have crystals and are they collectible and does it have any value as I am considering getting it restored. https://auctions.bryanstonauctioneers.co.za/lots/view/1-2YZA77/roamer-nurses-watch Thanks David
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