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  1. The crown doesn’t look right to me, but if the case back has been modded then other parts may be as well, I wouldn’t want to be paying much for it.
  2. That’s my twin sister and to be honest I am proud of her
  3. @JoT and @WRENCH I can’t even get myself one, where would I end up if I had to get watches for other people, I would say in a padded room. it’s driving me crazy
  4. I’m not pushing any company just letting people know that sales are starting again
  5. I agree I can’t vote on this one, sadly there isn’t one I would put on my wrist
  6. Just a heads up people, high street are putting out their Autumn sales, seen AMJ and Ernest Jones with up to 50 and 60% off on selected lines
  7. People, people people it’s becoming hard to read, please remember if it’s safe to work from home then work from home, or go to work if it’s safe to do so... I feel Rolex is not present to represent itself in this court, we must respect the views of others and ensure that what people say is only an opinion they have. I add that not being a current watch non watch owner my views are irrelevant.... I now take myself back to new watch listings on the bay, then to Chrono 24, then googling preowned watches, then back to the bay to start the process again ARrrGgggHhhhhhhh
  8. you are so right, hard in my search still.
  9. Don’t think I’m allowed to say, in short I made a sweeping statement related to some Rolex wearers, which I now accept to be wrong and will be attending a Rolex Awareness Course. I think the issue with any branding and more so luxury goods they get labelled, look at Porsche in the 1980,s and the association with what type of people bought them at that time. No one can argue and rightly or wrongly by most Rolex is seen as The Watch brand, the one to have in your collection but it doesn’t mean we all like them, so we as humans formulate personal opinions on brands and they can change b
  10. This was not a great post for me, I commented which was removed and I got a warning . See some things shouldn’t be discussed as they cause controversy religion, politics and Rolex
  11. I’d definitely go on Christopher Wards website they have brought out some beauty’s and one has a stunning blue face, you do seem to be taken with Longines, not a bad choice and the top out your 3 but before you pull the trigger I’d check out CW......
  12. If your after blue face have you looked at Squale they do some stunning watches also Christopher Ward, I would look at both of these? Have you looked at Christopher Ward before?
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