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  1. Yep, fixed. Nice watch looks really clean
  2. Hi, it may just be me, when trying to go the link there is only one picture just showing the box, may be that I am using my phone
  3. Hi, there is one, a Corum Lucifer on Chrono 24, from Austria £2700
  4. Nice clean, fresh smart watch, only critique is would prefer it more without the calibre 16 and automatic at the bottom. Thanks
  5. Difficult one this, for me the current watch, the all black Mudmaster. The minute you get it out for the money just feels really quality and solid, impressive on the wrist, if it’s your kind of thing Which of the Tag Carrera was it, or do you mean generally over the range?
  6. It’s American but gives a starting over view https://www.gearpatrol.com/watches/a590001/complete-buying-guide-g-shock-watches/
  7. The monster are an acquired taste, almost comic book in dimensions, not one I’ve ever took fancy to
  8. The number of times I have bought a watch off the bay, only say 300-500, loved it in the pictures, the minute I open the box to wrist the level of disappointment rises, and then an empty feeling and straight back on the bay, done this with 2 Oris and 3 CW’s to be fair only lost a few quid over the time.
  9. I LOVE G-shock, I can break, damage, smash, crack anything, had 2 both mudmasters, nothing not a mark whatever I do, solar powered, currently have the triple black mudmaster, the only issue I’ve found and it’s a big one, is I’m looking for a smarter watch everything looks tiny on the wrist. When looking just go on the bay and search.
  10. So I’ve found a seller on the bay modding Seiko,s but some are between 525 and nearly 700, they have the SKX 4r36 movement and can build me one, my questions are: I know some Seiko,s are expensive but the divers other than the marine master are they worth it What do I need to look out for? when buying it is all the value in my preference and potential resale in a year I will be left with a 200 pound watch? thanks
  11. I had a similar experience I bought a fake PO with the orange bezel, someone at work had a real one, there wasn’t a great deal of difference. Well there would have been inside
  12. I struggled with all the Samurai, just don’t like the bezel and with the Tuna don’t like the casing they have around them, understand it’s purpose but not a fan, but I do like a lot of Seiko’s been hunting for years for the right Scubapro 450 Certainly, looking at it, a clear mix of styles
  13. So there are a number of watches that i see plush, lush and stunning marketing photos with the right setting and background and then in reality you question if it is the same watch, so on my list was a Garmin MARQ Adventurer, looked stunning, just seen normal photos and it doesn’t look anything like it, had similar experiences with some Oris
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