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  1. Yes I think you are right, I was just reading that the Felsa 4002 was created in the early sixties.
  2. https://17jewels.info/movements/f/felsa/felsa-4002/
  3. Thanks for your response and I'll check out the history of Allaine. I understand that experts are the safest way to fix the watch but I'm more interested in learning and fixing watches myself. I want to get more and don't want to send all of them away to experts. I will of course post some pictures showing the watch either being brought back to its forma glory or broken followed by I told you so if anyone can help minimise the damage by pointing me in the right direction of the Crown stem release or any technical information on felsa 4002 movements I would be grateful.
  4. Hello, I have a 1950s ALLAINE 25 jewel automatic which looks like the seconds hand is hitting the glass and stopping the movement. I wanted to replace the seconds hand as it looks like the wrong one for the watch and is stopping the watch working. I have two questions I am hoping someone can help with. Once the back is off how do I get access to the face? Also how do I go about finding a seconds hand that will fit? Any help is appreciated. Regards Alan forgot to mention its Felsa 4002 inside
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