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  1. Seiko 5 Auto. Day/date 21jewels 12 ligne. No. on dial 7S26-1145. Case stamped Water resistant KY 7S26-0060 A4 Dear Simon, I'd be grateful if you could tell me how to tighten the cannon pinion on the above watch. If it involves removing the day/date rings how do you remove the circlip holding them in place - is it a special tool? Thanks in anticipation. Lyn Elson
  2. Thank you Simon. I've done plenty of pin pallet watches, including genuine Roskopf which have the cannon pinion on the barrel cover, but never one like Timex.
  3. How to tighten the cannon pinion on a Timex Model 25 wrist watch movement with day/date dial? The exploded view in the manual lists canon pinion assembly and I've read mention of a friction pinion. Is this the source of the hand slipping problem?
  4. Problem solved! I found in my cabinet of old watch tools a Timex crystal removing wrench. When the crystal has been removed the movement can be removed through the the front of the case. I tried to remove the crystal using a Bergeon-pump which pressurizes the air inside the case but instead of blowing out the crystal it blew the back off the case!
  5. Thanks for the info Biker, I wouldn't have guessed in a thousand years!
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