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  1. 'Watch' this space! This is, of course, a time in history when people might well start selling luxury items at a price intended to generate cash quickly, and on the other side when people might generally be hesitant to splash cash on indulgent trinkets. I am investigating! F
  2. Interesting! The obvious difficulty with spotting very slight differences in the examples above is the image quality. I have noticed myself, however, that there appear to be different backcase layouts on different watches - I presume they haven't always stamped the serial numbers in the same way. The seller has a local mobile phone number so I'm hopefully that they're based here. I guess the crucial thing will be to see whether it was purchased locally - if so it can only have been from one AD which is perfectly reputable. The watch was apparently only purchased new last year so there should certainly be a receipt amongst the papers. I'm still betting this is genuine, but let's see...! F For context, including shipping and import tax, this would cost about 33% more than the asking price for the local one (this being new, and the local one being about 15 months old and seemingly in perfect condition).
  3. My locality means that I'd only realistically be buying face to face, from someone who lives within a thirty minute drive max, and where we'd probably have a number of mutual acquaintances. His email address appears to be a work address (investment management or similar). I'd see the watch first of course (which I don't think is quite as valuable as you think, but still a fair wedge to be fair!). Judging by the photo with the number of other expensive looking watches in the background, my guess is that he doesn't live in a council estate in Burnley. I absolutely agree that I wouldn't buy this by post on the basis of the photos alone! F.
  4. Yes, indeed! I thought it seemed good value compared with the few comparables I've seen online. What would retail have been the year before; c.£5,000? Good to meet another Bean! F Maybe it's in the nature of the smallish community I live in, but I don't doubt at all that I could ask my local AD to give a view as to authenticity and they would oblige, particularly if the seller was alongside and obviously consenting. Equally, lots of other non-authorised but nevertheless specialist watch dealers would certainly be happy to help, whether at a cost or for free. Confirming it's not stolen probably more something for the police, but equally achievable I'm sure.
  5. It's being advertised on a popular local online platform. I live on a small island, so will be very reassured if it has been bought locally, and might be able to even contact the AD if I deem necessary. I will have a look and report back! Obviously any other pointers or thoughts very welcome! F
  6. He apparently has a box of papers to go with, so I'm probably being over cautious, but it's still a lot of money to spend on something which turns out not to be real...
  7. Hi Folks, My first post here. I'm an admirer of fine and interesting watches and looking forward to spending plenty of time here chatting timepieces! In the meantime, I'm considering a second hand Panerai Luminor Due purchase (PAM00906). I haven't seen it in the flesh yet, but it seems fairly pukka. I don't really know what to look for with these watches however, apart from the obvious. The only real trigger for concern is that it is apparently only a year old, and being sold at a fairly keen price. Perhaps I'm just gazing into the horse's mouth... Any thoughts or tips in this regard generally? I have pictures - how do I post them (*goes off to the FAQ...*)? Cheers, F
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