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  1. A regular visitor........ Brilliant collection, many thanks for sharing
  2. All them years spent hiding under the stairs with a Timex on............. I see I'm not alone ;) All them years spent hiding under the stairs with a Timex on............. I see I'm not alone ;)
  3. I love the original Russian watches, such as Vostok, but I did buy one of the Vostok Europe makes, the Almaz on ebay a while back, but the price was £205, so not too bad on the pennies. It's definitely a look at me watch, and weighs a ton, probably full of lead
  4. Many thanks, I knew I had seen that type of strap before. It is most likely promotional as advised by Nick. I will keep looking and if I do find out it's origins I'll let you know
  5. I have no idea what make this is, I do remember from many many years ago a watch that had a metal bar across the watch face, but cannot remember the make. I've taken some pics in case anyone knows what this watch is all about. The movement is Miyota, 1 jewel. No other marks.
  6. I still collect Super 8mm movies and projectors, I'm stuck in the past, but you cannot beat the old analogue systems. My hifi is vintage, a bit like me really ;)
  7. I don't see the usual arrows. But there's clearly holes to remove the retaining part.
  8. Sorry I replied with no text, not sure how that happened, I will be adding pictures today. Many thanks.
  9. Hi, firstly hello to all watch enthusiasts. I've been looking for a reliable forum, too many out there overrun with over zealous collectors clogging up the net. I've been collecting vintage watches for many years now, usually Technos, Cornavin, Vostok/Vostok Europe, Zodiac, Citizen, Seiko, Casio & Smith's. I've recently purchased a 1973 SEIKO 6119-7103 Automatic. The strap is original, but after a visit to a jeweller, the strap is still too big. The links for removing are present, but they just won't budge. The jeweller wasn't any use and handed back the watch unadjusted. Is there something I can use to help remove them. I'll take a photograph and add it to this post. I do not intend to sell this watch, I am a collector, not a dealer. Many thanks, Xeno.
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