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  1. Enjoyed these Guys Heres my 1973 Timex Rally. Fun Sunday wear. https://imgur.com/a/bqSjt0T Sorry for the external link....but really struggling with the inserted image function here (might be be an IPad thing?) ....(I am obediently using that Imgur Site as advised previously By members )...for some reason, can’t quite include the image Tho. hey ho. Bob
  2. Hi All Just caught up with this thread, very interesting, thanks. Great learning. I also have a couple of Vostoks arriving soon as I build a collection from zero I recently picked this one up too... very different from the usual military style I’ve seen before. I attach an image here. https://imgur.com/rb4Tfbd (Sorry, did try to paste link URL from imgur... on insert image below...but can’t seem to do this on my iPad... my bad Bob
  3. Thanks Guys, with busy life, Sunday’s are my chance to catch up on my messages. I have really enjoyed reading your thoughts here, thanks for taking the time. It’s funny that every piece of knowledge, leads me to the discovery of how much I have still to learn. i’m a Karate Sensie in my other life, and the biggest thing I learned when getting to a black belt....was that this was on,y the end of chapter 1 . in watch collection...I ma clearly a white belt. that said , delighted this week with a couple of really interesting pieces that have arrived a sporty red leather strapped 1950’s Geneva Prima Sport , With red accents on the hands and the most ornate of Vostok s ...which if there is interest I will post later. The Vostok detailing on the dial, Seems so unusually intricate (So different from the usual ships, tanks, subs and missiles I see on Komammder / Amphibia etc) With its new black leather stitched strap... this is now challenging the Silvana above for Sunday wear thanks again Bob
  4. Guys, so impressed with the knowledge here, thanks so much. I will now read slowly all the information provided. Looking forward to learning as much as I can here... I am really enjoying this watch I have to say, keeping great time, it’s fast become my preferred Sunday wear. thanks again, Bob In danger here of again, showing my ignorance. but of the 2 movement suggested, it appears the 2409, has date wheel? my watch, simpler, has no date function... so 2391 feels a more likely fit....something you guys would not have known, as I didn’t post the face pic, sorry. Bob
  5. Hi Guys, managed to take the back off... and heres the movement http://imgur.com/gallery/lLCX2DT
  6. Thanks Guys. thanks for coming back. Much appreciated. yes, Sorry Just silver Coloured/ chrome notHong more right...I’ll get on the Flickr stuff tomorrow...and post an image...after the morning coffee has done its magic ill post the movement image too. cheers
  7. Thanks Richard, really helpful. just need the courage now to remove the back of Dads watch... I’ve seen some advice here saying, if it’s working don’t... lol. again, thanks for signposting
  8. Hi Guys i wonder if anyone might know a little more about the watch I just acquired. I have tried online research, but there is little so far I can find to date the piece ( my primary interest tbh). A silver watch...with a pretty simple silver pearlescent face , no numbers. Only writing on the face, logo, Silvana, Swiss (above) and under centre 17 jewel Incanloc. Casing carries 2Numbers : 212752 and 10812 not so much interested in value as its date tbh. i assumed it would be late 50s/ early 60’s but on line images I have seen some similar dating earlier, which confuses tbh Again, I thought the Fact mine has a logo, appearing might help date it..as later? (I’m thinking logo would place it later) Any thoughts? would place a pic here... but as new to forum, I didn’t understand the insert from URL the ... watch strap (which I love) , chunky, expandable links seems original, expandable stainless steel, with the words “HC 55, Steel Knox printed, Swiss made “ I have to say, I am really pleased with it. not a large purchase, of course, but pleasant. all advice appreciated as a newbie here! kind regards. Bob
  9. Hi All, My very first posting, so please go easy :) Just entering this world, inspired by my late fathers 21 st Birthday present , this Peerex watch, With rolled , “expandable” gold bracelet. Its an inscribed Watch which dates it from 1954, what was Dads 21st birthday. The watch is working, but appears to be running a little slow., after a few hours testing I noted a minute dropped. i thought to include a photOhere, but couldn’t see a way how to attach an image (My ignorance, sorry) Other than by URL? anyhow, any information Or advice here much appreciated specifically regards to my current thought about separating the watch from bracelet, as I am more likely to wear a leather strap than the rolled gold etc. I have seen a similiar watch here on line which talks about it being a brand Used by Stauffer from 1930s. https://www.loveantiques.com/items/listings/gents-1950s-peerex-wrist-watch-LA57494 my watch is almost identical face to the one in the link above, except that their is no “anti magnetic” writing over the small seconds dial it would be nice to alternate this Watch , after a professional clean, with my day to day Bulova... on a brown leather strap....but not sure if I could cause damage by the separation, or Indeed if this would greatly effect it’s value etc. in terms of value, I doubt it expensive, but would be interesting to know all the same. As it is inscribed, which no doubt reduces book value. on other matters.... as I look to start a small collection...of older swiss watches that I will wear and enjoy...are there any pointers to Obscure but fun and faithful )brands to look for? Fully appreciate beauty is always in eyes of beholder ... but keen to hear any guidance / preferences from the forum on prudent Swiss made pieces to look out for online (that I may purchase for under £200), as I say, what I hope to be a fun, start to a collection. Thanks all For your time reading this, Bob
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