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  1. I am relatively new to the watch collecting/interest scene and just wanted some advice on buying a Squale (may have to go the pre owned route due to cost) I have a couple of Seiko SKXs, a Laco Augsburg, Alpina pilot's watch and an Otis Artelier. I tend to go for the sporty/dive watch look as I don't really have any cause to wear a more formal watch. I have watched numerous reviews on YouTube, and seen that TGV raves about them, and has a model named after him, so is he biased ? Are they well made and reliable ? I have read many conflicting opinions on build quality and support from the authorised dealers. The 1521 is the one I would go for.
  2. My local watchmaker did not have the courtesy to reply to my email about modding my SKX. Probably beneath him to perform such work on such a modest (but iconic) watch. His loss, I will spend my hard earned cash at my (more) local jeweller who has said he knows how to do it.
  3. I assume a watchmaker is a higher level of skill than a jeweller albeit with many years of experience ? He has said that he can do the mods but cannot pressure test it. I won't be diving so is this pressure test critical ?
  4. I have just got my first SKX007K1 and want to have a double dome sapphire crystal and a new bezel insert fitted. I have no skill with watches neither am I good at things requiring a degree of precise skill. My local jeweller has said that he can do this modification. I will be buying the sapphire and the insert, so it's "just" the jeweller's labour costs. Any idea how much I can expect to be charged for a proper job ?
  5. I am relatively new to the watch collection/appreciation world. I now own a Laco Augsburg and 2 x Seiko dive watches. Is it possible to say how often roughly a watch should be serviced to keep it running properly please, I have seen a lot of comments that some owners' watches have not had a service in 7, 8, 9 years. I assume that any competent jewellers can service my Seikos (they will be out warranty after 2 years) ? As for my Laco, does that need anymore specialist attention, or at this price point, is a watch, a watch ? All advice appreciated.
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