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  1. Would 1858 be correct for dating it? Also does anyone have any idea on a value? We may be interested in selling it as we are doing renovations on our house and every little bit helps. thanks again for any info david
  2. Thank you very much for that information. Is there any way to approximate its age?
  3. Thank you for the information so far. I was able to open it and remove the cover, which is stamped W.B The movement also says David Taylor and Liverpool. The serial number is 23990 the interior of the case has the same hallmarks. This is very exciting..like opening a treasure chest! David
  4. Hi i was just gifted this pocket watch and was hoping to get some assistance on its value and operation. The face is marked David Taylor Liverpool. I am unable to open the interior case to access the movement. I am under the assumption that the case is sterling? I do not have a key for the winding mechanism. Any info would be appreciated.
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