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  1. Absolutely re personal taste - I actually really like the busy dial of the IWC - but I get what you mean about classic watch. If that’s going to be my main (only?) expensive purchase, I don’t think I’d go for this IWC. But if I was minted, had plenty of watches already in this sort of price bracket or could get more in the future without much fuss, and was then basing my choice purely on which of the two I liked the most, IWC easy for me!
  2. Everything seems a bit bolder, the wording on the dial, the indices, even the shadow on the crown - which makes me wonder whether it’s actually bolder or just the picture. Good spot on the date font though - tiniest little flicks on the two I had completely missed.
  3. Don’t think it’s about watch snobbery. Most of the time I’d agree with you that alternatives are often better value for money. But with some watches/brands my guess is that the thing which attracts most people is as much the ‘story’ as the watch itself. Yeah some people will like the Doxas just because they look funky, but my guess is most people who seriously think about buying one are into Doxa for other reasons - they’re serious divers, the story about testing and development of the orange dial, Clive Cussler novels, Jacques Cousteau etc. You don’t scratch that itch without the real thing IMO.
  4. Got to say, for me, this is one you should save up for and get the original. Chances are if you like it, there’s more to it than just how it looks (although if not then crack on with the alternatives!). It’s a bit of an iconic/cult watch whose itch I don’t think could be scratched by something else. (Same also for getting the sub200 vs 300 - 200 half the price but it’s just not the 300!)
  5. Be interested to see what people say here, and whether it’s based on build quality/movement/specs etc, or more about the reputation/marketing/brand perception/prestige. A bit surprised to hear them bundled in with Oris above. If you offered me a free Oris or FC, I’d go Oris without a doubt. But I don’t know much about FC (other than that I don’t like the brand name) and also I’m a sucker for the history of a brand, so a company that’s the same age as me doesn’t appeal as much as one with over a century of heritage behind it. My guess (based on little more than what I can see on the internet) is that their build quality is probably better than their ‘brand perception’ if that makes sense - probably often bundled in with Hamilton/Tissot but probably make nicer watches.
  6. I like that a lot too. Also interesting info in your next post - I always like the back story! My first thought when looking at the pics was actually ‘Wimbledon’ - maybe the green, yellow, Rolex on the scoreboard etc. (And probably because I was watching it earlier this month)
  7. Difficult one to set a limit, always going to be some that slip though the cracks anyway and others who are genuine but don’t meet what is effectively an arbitrary number. I think a year and 100 posts is about right, although might want to do it on log-ins rather than posts if that’s possible? I’ve been on here over a year now, log in a few times a week probably, but (unlike @Bricey apparently ) some of us just don’t have much to say! Will say though that, being a bit of a cautious sceptic generally in life, good to read the posts on this thread for if I do fancy buying anything from the classifieds.
  8. Also a fan of the Vostok. I did, after a bit of practice, get the hang of using the crown on my Amphibia, but I still sometimes have times when I seem to pull it out too far so it doesn’t wind and I just can’t get it to click. Sort of have to pull and then push at the right angle almost. I tend to just shake it for a few seconds now instead!
  9. Hate a cyclops so couldn’t get the DJ personally. If it didn’t have that, it would be the easy winner I think. As it does though, I’d go with the explorer - the hands don’t bother me at all.
  10. One of the few I do watch, so glad it’s back up. Sounds like a bit of an occupational hazard with youtube.
  11. Yes good shouts. The lug to lug on the spirit looks too long for my weedy little wrists but look really nice watches. Do you have any thoughts/experience on the vhp vs vhp gmt? Tag Heuer an obvious shout actually which I hadn’t really thought about. At a price range though where I think do I want to spend that much for a quartz watch - it would be the most expensive in my collection! Definitely fits the bill of white sports watch in this price bracket though. Is that one from the spree a couple of weeks ago? Happy with it?
  12. Not sure about the scratches. The smokey white dial one on the second link is very nice though (and can’t see the scratching too much on the photos). Looks like something you’ll have to buy bricey so we can all see some in the flesh photos. See it as taking one for the team ;)
  13. To be fair I’ve more than once left the house wearing something only to realise hours later it isn’t wound, so I’m not even sure telling the time is a requirement…
  14. The non gmt version on the steel strap is what started me off down the rabbit hole of YouTube and every shop I can think of… really nice All nice but all a bit dressy for me.. Can’t see me wearing any of them on the side line at my lad’s footy matches for instance. The stowa version with Arabic numbers might just work! Ball look too shiny for me on every photo I see.
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