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  1. Haven’t read the whole thread and late to the party here, but Robert Harris has a few really good ones on the historical fiction/alternative history front. The obvious one is Fatherland, but his Cicero trilogy are three of the limited number of books I’ve read twice. Never really got into Ken Follet. Have read some of CJ Sansom - again not really got into those too much but the Shardlake mystery ones aren’t bad.
  2. I quite like the look and think they’re quite cool. BUT… also strongly suspect I wouldn’t like it for actually telling time and it wouldn’t get much wear. Might be something I look at in a few years (or more!) when I’ve got the rest of the collection to a point I’m fairly happy with.
  3. The tone of blue on the dial is quite nice. Probably the only one I’d bother thinking about because the dial colour is a bit different. The black one is ok. The white one (the grey gmt ring especially) I don’t particularly like. And mint green? Quality seems good from what I hear, but lots of similar options.
  4. Quite like it personally, but does make it more difficult to pull off with anything other than more formal attire.
  5. in the current Tank Must line you’ve got small - quartz, 29.5x22mm large - quartz, 33.7x25.5mm extra large - auto, 41x33mm the blue, red, green models come I believe only in large, but the traditional white dial on either leather or metal strap comes in all three sizes.
  6. I think if you apply the “normal people” recognition test (ie; people who don’t join watch messageboards…..), it’s more about brand name than model. People see Rolex and know it’s a massive ‘luxury’ watch brand, but I think if you showed different models to non-watch enthusiasts, they’d struggle to tell you much more than that it is a Rolex. Daytona perhaps the exception as people know about Paul Newman wearing it. I had dinner with a friend recently who had inherited his dad’s Datejust. He only knew the model because he’d sent it off for a service and got a valuation done. Last week I had coffee with a colleague who was wearing a Cartier Calibre de Cartier (which is a gorgeous watch by the way). The non-watch-enthusiast colleague who joined us instantly knew Cartier and therefore thought it was great, but even I didn’t know what model it was. Everyone knows Seiko, Tissot, in the UK even Rotary I’d guess because you see them in every jewellers around, but doesn’t mean they’re iconic watches. But, playing the game, my additional 5: Royal Oak, Tank, Monaco, Nautilus, Seamaster
  7. I’m not sure why I would need it, or where/when I’d even wear it, and I’m normally not a fan of ‘all dial’/big dial type watches or white dials for that matter, but… I like that a lot!
  8. Still prefer the black personally. Not a massive fan of that shade of blue, although does work quite well with the orange.
  9. Will be interested to hear what you think of the two in comparison - always been tempted by the Victorinox (actually tempted by a couple of their models) as a bit of a grab and go ‘nicer-beater’. Ten days without anything at all is a bit of a worry - hopefully all fine!
  10. Same. Seem decent enough watches from what I hear/read but nothing really tickled my fancy too much. Their green dialled ‘commuter’ with the orange accents the most interesting IMO. When I first saw it I immediately thought victorinox alliance mechanical - https://www.victorinox.com/uk/en/Products/Watches/Business-Watches/Alliance-Mechanical-/p/241898?mt_load=lt30 Although it looks like they only do this particular model (with the same slightly receded central dial as the Traska) in black and white dial, not blue. Date window at the six too.
  11. Yes! Of course. How did I forget that - I think I’ve even got some of their bubble bath upstairs…
  12. Interesting timing, I was looking at their coupole line yesterday and wondered why they don’t get as much love as some. I know nothing about their watches really, so can’t comment on whether they’re deservedly overlooked. The captain cook gets some decent press but that’s about it. Oris seem to get a bit more love amongst watch folk, but my guess is more “normal” folk might recognise Rado - just. Might sound strange, but the name is a bit of a dampener for me with Rado. I can’t really put my finger on why, but almost sounds like it should be either a now-closed-down cheap and cheerful sports shop or a line of body spray for teenagers.
  13. Royal Oak, Pasha, Explorer ii. Love the Omega constellation and the two JLCs in particular from the dressier pieces, but I’m coming to realise I go sporty more often than not - I’d happily have those three sitting in the collection for me to look at all the time as they’re gorgeous, but I don’t think they’d get much wear.
  14. I’d be more than happy with that! That’s amazing. How much work did that take you? (and does it slide to open?) I fear my attempt will be more like Bricey’s shed than this. Perhaps with some practice…
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