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  1. Are they great nephews or great great-nephews! Would agree with comments above that you should go with what you like first and foremost - who knows what the ‘kids’ will like in the future. I’m addicted to the white polar explorer 2 at the moment so would get my vote!
  2. Not a massive fan of field watches and whilst there are Hamilton watches I like the look of, there aren’t many that get me very excited. What I would say though is when I have seen Hamilton watches in the flesh they always seem bigger than I was expecting. I had looked at the field king auto as an everyday wear but the proportions just didn’t work for me in the flesh - I liked it a lot more in the photos. If you haven’t at least seen them in person through a window or something (I see you can’t try them on as in tier 4) then might be worth waiting until after lockdown.
  3. All day for me too unless I switch it out for exercise. The only time I would maybe have worn two in a day in the past is if I’d worn something fairly fun for grocery shopping or similar and then had a ‘do’ in the evening where I’d wear something more formal.
  4. On the pictures, I can’t help but think the dial looks a bit “plastic-y”. A lot less so in person. I saw a review somewhere that had pics of it on a blue rubber strap and I actually preferred that combo to it being on a bracelet. A bit too large for me anyway and didn’t get me excited, but different strokes for different folks etc!
  5. Thanks. So if I understand correctly, on number 1, at midnight in your home time all of the hands would be pointing to 12 and there’s no way you can change that? I didn’t know that was “a thing”. I just assumed number 2 was what they all were! Love your UN dual time and the buttons/mechanism you describe there sounds very user friendly. Helpful for frequent travellers I’d guess. Slightly off topic, but still on affordable gmts, presumably there’s nothing mechanical out there which deals with half hour timezones (eg India) except at extremely high prices with very complicated mec
  6. Sorry for confusion here - when people say the gmt hand isn’t independent, what do you mean? Surely you can move the gmt hand (ie if the current time in home country is 3pm you can change the gmt hand to 7pm and the current time zone remains at 3)?
  7. Guess it depends what you mean by replacement. If you haven’t worn this much, then query why - is it because you haven’t bonded with the watch or because actually it doesn’t really fit a “category” for you? If you’re looking to slim down to dress, everyday, fun, the certina to me looks to be the more dressy of your watches in the pic. So does it fill the dress “category” and your replacement wants to be maybe even more dressy? I think it also looks a good every day bet if you naturally lean slightly more formal - but looking at your others, I’m guessing you’d probably prefer a slig
  8. As above really, all very subjective. For me personally, if it’s a “special” watch, I’d probably buy automatic. If I had a couple of thousand to spend - for me a lot on a watch - then I’d spend it on an automatic I think. That said though, it also depends on the type of watch. If it’s a screw down case back where you can’t see the movement then - whilst you would know the difference - the main thing you’d notice is ticking quartz seconds hand vs smoother one on automatic. If you don’t care about that, then you can probably save yourself a good chunk of money getting the same watch in quar
  9. When you say “as is always available” do you mean by looking online? Or do you guys literally walk into Goldsmiths or something and start haggling? I’m not sure I’ve got the balls for that! : “achievable”
  10. The cyclops on the chopard chrono is criminal! Beautiful otherwise.
  11. Just slightly sceptical of second hand - my first expensive-ish watch, birthday money from family etc..just slightly concerned I’ll lose the love of it if it turns out to be a second hand duffer I have to spend loads on to sort out! At least if a new one doesn’t work I’ve got the warranty. If it was more of a regular occurrence purchase for me then I’d agree - lots of great second hand watches around this price point.
  12. Thanks everyone. Seems like Longines is the favourite of the three, and helped firm up my choice! I’ve had my eye on Yema as well, the superman is nice and like the look of their mecaquartz racing watches too. Wish they did something other than black dial - not that that is 100 per cent an issue but probably swaying blue dial and a more ‘recognised’ brand for this purchase - there’s always the next one though ;) Have looked at Squale before but felt a bit too “tooly” for me. Quite liked them but maybe not quite what I’m looking for this time round. Christopher Ward a good
  13. Hi everyone, long time lurker first time registered and posting! I’ve read a couple of threads recently and through the search option which went into more generic comparisons but hopefully this is specific enough to deserve its own thread. Recently got some birthday money and looking to purchase - around £1000 up to maybe £1250. Context - this would be about double the price of my next most expensive watch, and (while not anywhere near luxury prices some will spend) for me it’s going to probably be the biggest “luxury” purchase of my life so far - so it needs to be a bit “special”. Wantin
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