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  1. That’s quite cool - I haven’t watched interstellar but I do like things a bit different like the morse code “eureka” on the hands - nobody will notice but you’ll know! Yeah nice brand, good shout. I have previously looked at the AlpinerX (like the digi/analogue to deal with half hour time zones) but the case size always put me off. Probably need to try some on and see show they wear (maybe one for a couple of weeks time when we can go to shops again!) Dog looks fed up of you delaying his walk to take photos of watches
  2. +1 Less so that though! Although don’t think the brown strap in the pics does much for it.
  3. Thanks all, some good shouts. I’ve never really looked at microbrands - I think being quite new to the watch world I’ve always stuck to names I vaguely know. Will give CW, Farer, Helson and Armida a look (never really come across the last three - have seen a few CWs and a bit hit and miss looks wise for my taste). Hamilton khaki a decent call too, and like the idea of nice black dial watch, although the field watches tend to look slightly “serious” to me if that makes sense! Certina Phantom a good call too - have seen those on the post and forgot about them!
  4. Ran out of reactions, but both nice watches. Does the Emporio Armani still get wrist time?
  5. Seen a few videos of their moon phases, which look quite decent for the price. Not really the sort of thing I’d wear but if I did then I’d probably have pulled the trigger. Can’t comment on build quality etc.
  6. So I know I’m likely to get a lot of “whatever you like” type responses here, but always good to get some opinions. I’ve got one space left in my watch box. Currently I’ve got: a blue dial Longines Hydroconquest auto on ss strap (wear for nice occasions - my most expensive watch and love the looks), a white dial Tissot visodate heritage auto on Milanese strap (worn as an office/more formal watch), a silver dial Vostok amphibia mod on brown leather rally strap, a black dial quartz chrono Boss fashion watch on black leather rally strap (the last two worn as casual weekend
  7. Similar to the comments above really for me. The 200T in particular I love the look of but I just can’t see myself spending 1850 to get one. If it was 1250 I’d be much more tempted. Especially as I’d only wear it almost like a beater - I’d definitely get the orange dial, which would make it too casual for the office and even for nice/dressy meals or nights out. It would basically be a lads night out/weekend watch, and for me currently I can’t justify spending so much on one of those when I can pick up a fun little seiko or similar to do the same job for a fraction of the cost.
  8. B, but then I’m not really that into how many seconds a day/month/year a watch loses/gains either. As long as I’ve got a pretty good idea of when I need to leave the house, I’m not too fussed. If I did need to know something down to the exact second, I’d use my phone anyway.
  9. Don’t do all that much for me if I’m honest. The only one I have kept was from Tissot - my first automatic and it came with a fairly nice presentation style box and two books about the history of the brand tucked into a compartment underneath. For a bit of a history geek buying their first automatic ‘proper’ watch, I thought it was quite cool.
  10. Longines hydroconquest the winner at that price point imo....but I’ve already got one. So based on what I “need” in the collection: Possibly a quartz chrono - Tag F1, Hamilton Khaki XWind (don’t know much about this but looks alright). More left field - Alpina AlpinerX , Tissot TTouch. Agree strange price point though. Doxa mentioned above a prime example for me - love the sub300T at c.1800, and whilst I don’t mind the sub 200, I think I’d always be wishing I’d saved up for the 300t (or just got an orange dial seiko or something for less than half the price).
  11. Was digging around their website this morning and came across a startimer pilot heritage. This seems to have a hinge case which can be flipped open to show the case back. Is that common? Don’t think I’ve seen it before - I like it! Also never had a smart watch but the AlpinerX Alive could tempt me!
  12. If you don’t take them toooo seriously, they’re lots of fun. There’s plenty that could be a lot better but for the price, it’s a nice little watch. Lots of different case shapes, dial variations, lots of modded ones floating round too. I could easily see myself building up a little amphibia sub collection - quite addictive.
  13. Not my cup of tea this one. Quite like the crown, shaped like a crown, on the “head” above the 12. Actually don’t mind the strange position of the 12 - a bit different. But don’t like much else! I looked at the numbers and I have absolutely no idea why, but I pictured Ron Burgundy wearing it.
  14. First lockdown watch, first Vostok, first scuba dude. Modded, got it on eBay, love it. Cool, funky, cheap. Perfect lockdown watch! Not yet tried to post pics on this site so will maybe give it a go tomorrow.
  15. Had to say, not a massive fan of the chrono version looks wise - something nice and clean about the non-chrono, the pushers ruin it a bit for me (from someone who loves a chrono!)
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