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  1. I’d be torn. I’ve not got anything worth anywhere near 6k and am unlikely to have for the foreseeable. So if I had 6k and was forced to spend it on a watch/watches, I’d probably get one 6k watch. Equally though I haven’t got a massive collection and am fairly “new” to watches, so 2x3k watches or even 3x2k watches would be very tempting. What I wouldn’t do is buy loads at a more affordable price because I can do that anyway, albeit maybe not 6ks worth all at the same time.
  2. For me auto/manual are budget dependent - right now, realistically no more than 1,500-2k but if I won the lottery tomorrow, I would be happy spending much more. Quartz though, I think even if I had millionaire money, I wouldn’t spend over a certain amount. C.350 unless some sort of high precision quartz where I might be willing to go up to around 750-1000 if I loved it.
  3. “12 pairs of watches” just because it’s 24/2, or do you buy them methodically as a pair? look forward to the pics and reviews!
  4. Not normally a massive fan of bronze watches - not that I dislike them just that I can’t see myself wearing them. But the Ventus looks great and very wearable. As does the Archimede a couple of posts down.
  5. Yes not a bad shout. Not enough about the longines for you to pay the extra 1k if you were choosing between the two?
  6. Easy one for me too on this - Longines (I’ve posted about them three times in the last few days so keen to point out I’m not getting paid per post I mention them!!) There are some CW I don’t mind the look of but, I don’t know, I just don’t feel the draw myself.
  7. Thanks. Would be looking at the 40mm rather than 42 (and non chrono version, not that that will change the lug to lug size I wouldn’t imagine) but the last post in that thread suggests the lugs on the 40mm were too large for the poster also (although not much detail on that). Not looking promising though!
  8. Hi all, I’m struggling to track one of these down in any ADs near me to try on. Case size of 40mm looks good for me on paper but I’ve read reports the lug to lug is quite long (and looks that way from some of the pics). Anyone got one or seen one in person and can confirm? Very much liking the design. Between that and the Sinn 556i (possibly a black bay if I save a bit longer) I think for my next purchase - and likely to come down to which wears better.
  9. Where’s the bad one? :D
  10. I’m not entirely sure I agree with the tacky point overall. As a woman’s watch I think it would like nice, and think the diamonds are quite nicely done - fairly subtle, not too “showy”. BUT I think I probably agree with you for a man’s watch - it looks a bit try hard almost. Their master collection with the Roman numerals is one of the few watches with Roman numerals I’ve liked and is much better than the diamonds. However, the diamonds on the (mens) textured cream dial version look a lot better - although I’d still query whether they’re actually needed. (L2.910.4.77.3)
  11. The pictures on the website of the light blue and light green ones on wrist actually look alright. I certainly wouldn’t wear them, but as a holiday watch on the beach next to nice light blue ocean, they might not look too bad on some people. The pink one looks like something you’d get as a free gift when buying your six year old daughter something else.
  12. So in my search for a slightly shiny black dial watch, I’ve stumbled across the Longines Master collection L27934576. It’s got diamond studs at each of the hour markers with two studs at 12. I can’t tell whether I like it or not - is definitely a bit more “shiny” than a plain black dial but can’t quite get over the feeling it makes the watch a bit feminine. Thoughts on diamonds on watches generally? (Not sure how to post a pic..)
  13. Other than the “laziness factor” of having to wind up a manual each day vs not with an auto (assuming you wear it every day or two), is there much else that differentiates the two? I don’t have a manual currently, but I rotate wear of my autos so (especially during lockdown), I wind them up pretty much every time I wear them anyway. Another question (sorry going off topic slightly here - but helping me decide how to answer the question ) do solar-eco drive watches literally last forever? I’m sure I saw somewhere on the citizen website that they say the cell will last about ten years. Can you replace it then?
  14. Bit late to the party but would also say Yema. Although, as above, they’ve got a couple I quite like and haven’t pulled the trigger - no idea about this particular watch, but the ones I have seen are on the cusp of being slightly pricey (new) I think.
  15. Blue dial one doesn’t do much for me but the other two are both quite nice. Price will be the big one, as I do think there are probably existing alternatives which are equally as nice/nicer.
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