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  1. 6 minutes ago, artistmike said:

    I still think that the original has the coolest caseback of all watches.  :biggrin:

    Everyone loves their own child the most. :biggrin::thumbsup: But, I think the 2015 version has the best caseback. Silver snoopy at its best.
     Even though version 2020 offers more animation, I miss on the dial these two important messages in contrast to the 2015 version. I'm really curious to see how OMEGA will deliver the 2020 version and how many speculators will play a bad game with it again. Hopefully, not many. And the watch ends up in the hands of collectors (like you) only. :notworthy: 

  2. Hi there,

    just found the first real video, where all OMEGA Snoopy watches are presented side by side. 

    There have always been separate videos, but not together, and they also offer a quit extensive story about them. The introduction to the particular models is a bit late, because the historical part of the article is quite long. So, if you want to see the Snoopy watches, you have to scroll down quite a bit.


    Enjoy and wish you everyone a great start into the NEW hopefully better Year 2021!

    Cheers, MN

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