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  1. Hey I’m new here so I want to introduce myself. I’m from the Netherlands so my English is not best, but I try. I can describe myself with one word: Invicta. I’m a huge Invicta collector, not because I have that much of them. But because of variation, my oldest is from begin 1900. You heard it right, I’m also collecting vintage Invicta. On the Internet I have different names on other forums: chilleKasper, Vintage Invicta, Invictamaster, Invictaguy. But you can find me easily on the internet as Vintage Invicta. I’m not sure if it’s allowed to share social media. But I will share later some picture. I’m exited if I can learn on this forum more about Invicta, especially their history. I hope there are here some people with some knowledge about watch history. greetings, Kasper
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