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  1. http://roamer-watches.info/features/MST372/5/gallery.shtml If possible could you send me the links for the ads regarding Roamer.
  2. A special Roamer. Roamer:- Information is that Rolex took exception to Roamer using this logo, as the five diamonds above the RW logo looked too similar to the Rolex logo. Roamer only used this logo in 1957/8.
  3. Believe it is called WAFFLE dial. According to my sources it is a 1953 manufacture, which I can't confirm now.
  4. A 1958 Tissot seastar with a Dotted dial.. Has never seen a dial like this. Except for some blemishes in the crystal, everything else is ok. Can somebody validate the dial.
  5. A Delfin Edox with dust cover and all. Unable to get precise year. Some help please. Runs fairly well losing about a minute in 24 Hours with a leather strap.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. Will double check.
  7. A well running Front opening Single case Tissot Visodate Seastar Seven. Running very well and keeps up fairly good time. Going by serial and model numbers I suspect it is 1955. Seems to be 20 Micron gold plated. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  8. Will post the movement picture soon.
  9. Got another Cyma. Think it is circa 1950s. Gold plated case and no second hand. .
  10. Yes. It is R458. Looks like 1950. Not very sure.
  11. The Cyma I posted is circa 1942 with dust cover. This is FYI. Your watches absolutely wonderful. Stay safe
  12. A nice working Cyma with dust cover and all. Comments are welcome. If exact year can indicated please do...
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