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  1. I really like Saphir too. I've never heard of 'sole guard', please do let me know if it's any good. I have a few pair of Barker's, although I haven't worn them since the beginning of March. Thank you for the YT links. I'l try the knot because I was forever tieing the laces on a particular pair of Barker's.
  2. Angelina Jolie to direct biopic of Don McCullin. https://www.theguardian.com/film/2020/nov/19/angelina-jolie-to-direct-biopic-photographer-don-mccullin-starring-tom-hardy Really looking forward to this; a big fan of Don McCullin's work.
  3. Congratulations, perfect choice . I've always considered the date to be surplus on a sub, ruining the aesthetic symmetry of the dial.
  4. I can see the half hunter heritage of the original dial. I think they should have kept it closer to the original.
  5. I can only imagine the disappointment after the pin fell out of the bracelet. Nodus do seem to have responded quickly and positively to the issue, which I hope is some comfort. Really nice watch, by the way.
  6. Congratulations. Good choice.
  7. I'd agree. Keep looking, plenty of nice watches out there. Alot of the enjoyment is in the journey.
  8. Much too similar to a Rolex Oyster. For a brand that has worked so hard recently to define its own distinctive identity and shed its reputation in the UK for 'I can't afford a Rolex', this seems a retrograde step.
  9. Wow! I didn't know that the innovation of quartz timekeeping had such a dramatic impact on the industry; disruptive innovation, indeed.
  10. Everyone needs a splash of colour in their watch collection to effect a smile now and again. This certainly fits the bill.
  11. That would be just be too much for my poor brain to take.
  12. I agree. A watch manufacturer's reputation for after-purchase customer care and reasonable servicing costs should be considerations for any watch purchase over a few hundred pounds.
  13. From experience, you'll be wary and conscious of potentially scratching it until the first scratch; after which, you'll treat it as a normal inexpensive watch. Buy it, wear it, enjoy it; life really is too short to be worrying about scratching a bit of metal or glass.
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