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  1. All 3, lovely watches. My heart would be telling me to get the Grand Seiko, my head would be screaming get the Rolex. I think the head would win.
  2. Indeed they were, and an Omega Seamaster was more desirable than a Submariner. It displays that brands are not fixed in particular market segments. I was a bit surprised when the Swatch Group decided a few years ago to reposition the Longines brand below its Omega brand.
  3. I agree with the Mrs., that's nice.
  4. Thank you for posting. Really intrigued by the name; I now know more about the use of photoluminescence properties for engineering novel electronic and photic devices than I ever thought I wanted to know . I like the watch and its size. Looks great on the wrist
  5. I echo all the above sentiments. The forum is a wonderful oasis of utter niceness and serenity in these unusual times. A very Merry Christmas and a salubrious New Year to one and all.
  6. JoT, your'e a mine of information . Seriously, I've been fascinated by geology ever since doing an O Level, and really enjoyed reading this. Thank you.
  7. Titanium wears significantly lighter than stainless steel. I have slim wrists and prefer the comfort of a lighter watch. I know, others, who find the lighteness of titanium distracting, and prefer to 'feel' the heft of stainless steel. If you haven't had a titanium watch before, I recommend that you try one before making a decision. Titanium marks more easily than steel but can be addressed readily with a light brush of a pad.
  8. ... And there, Your Honour, the case for the Defendant rests. Your explanation is completely and utterly plausible. The TWF Jury finds you innocent of all charges. You are free to leave this Courtroom without a blemish on your character. Just, don't do it again .
  9. Now that, I do like. CW have been producing some really cracking watches lately .
  10. For removing and fitting mineral crystals, you will need a press.
  11. I really like Saphir too. I've never heard of 'sole guard', please do let me know if it's any good. I have a few pair of Barker's, although I haven't worn them since the beginning of March. Thank you for the YT links. I'l try the knot because I was forever tieing the laces on a particular pair of Barker's.
  12. Angelina Jolie to direct biopic of Don McCullin. https://www.theguardian.com/film/2020/nov/19/angelina-jolie-to-direct-biopic-photographer-don-mccullin-starring-tom-hardy Really looking forward to this; a big fan of Don McCullin's work.
  13. Congratulations, perfect choice . I've always considered the date to be surplus on a sub, ruining the aesthetic symmetry of the dial.
  14. I can see the half hunter heritage of the original dial. I think they should have kept it closer to the original.
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