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  1. I think they are overpriced. I was thinking about getting an x Snoopy Space Traveller solely as a novelty piece. I changed my mind because I thought the price was too high for the novelty.
  2. May I suggest the german name Mechthild, (wife of Ulrich I, Count of Wurttemberg), or Mathilde, which is a more up to date form of the name.
  3. I tried that once. The 3 watch rule became the 7 watch rule, which became the 10 watch rule, which ...
  4. Congratulations on an impressive milestone.
  5. Well done that man! I had always assumed it was a calatrava.
  6. For me, it was when I couldn't list all my watches off the top of my head and couldn't remember where they all are. It is a nice surprise, however, to come across one that had previously been forgotten. I stopped worrying about it some time ago.
  7. Super watch. You have excellent taste. Congratulations.
  8. Eterna really are an under appreciated brand in the UK. They are best when their designs reflect their heritage like this headsup.
  9. Well done for getting it done. I think most of us have had a similar experience at some point. Those microscopic screws really are a challenge, and you were extremely lucky not to lose one. After losing a screw, I now do such operations with the watch inside a transparent plastic bag to contain any flying screws. Please, please, please do not ever take a watch to Timpsons; I speak from experience.
  10. Although sold out, the Undone X Peanuts Limited Edition, (300 pieces), 'Snoopy Starlight' looks fun.
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