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  1. Goodness! My jaw literally dropped when I saw the pictures. That is one seriously cool timepiece.
  2. Thank you so much for posting. The care, attention, and need to check each step before moving to the next is clearly displayed. Great job
  3. That is truly heart-warming.
  4. Superb post, thank you for sharing. Roy has made some real crackers, and you have a very nice collection there. A belated happy birthday, and I hope you had a most enjoyable day last week.
  5. Based on the watch's description, you expected its condition to be 9.5, whereas, in reality, the condition turned out to be only 6.5. A 25% discrepancy is, in my opinion, significantly large. If you know that you will be able to find another example of the watch, I would recommend returning it and finding one that meets your expectations.
  6. That is, indeed, a super find. Well done!
  7. I recall seeing Saint Honore watches at an independent jewellers in the early 2000's, and they certainly did not have £45 price tags; they were probably closer to £450. Thank you for sharing, really enjoying the thread. The Saint Honore, Orient and Dreyfuss look like great buys.
  8. Woooahhh there! Steady on Bricey, pace yourself or you'll end up in a watch purchasing burnout.
  9. The clever person is Ewan Wilson, who has been enamoured with watches most of his life. A really nice bloke; I recall buying some straps from him many years ago. https://wornandwound.com/the-last-of-the-fabulous-four-is-back-introducing-the-newmark-6bb-raf-chronograph/
  10. The Speedy Pro with the hesalite crystal is the only one to get. Don't wear it on the bracelet. It looks great on almost any strap, so wear it on your favourite and most comfortable strap. From experience, the Speedy won't be off your wrist all Summer.
  11. That is one helluva nice watch as it is. Keep the watch, don't change the hands, wear the watch and use something else to tell the time.
  12. Great headsup, but I think your Eterna looks nicer and with the automatic movement is better value.
  13. Nomos, and I find the reverse-California dial quirky in a good way.
  14. Surely, an oxymoron or a typo. I'm pretty certain there is nothing petit about the price of the IWC . Congratulations! Really loving that IWC and Omega .
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