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  1. Thank you simon2. The chain and pendulum are fine and not interfering with each other, I do have a counterweight and the pendulum bob does not touch the case. 'Warning detente' sounds a bit technical for me, but it does seem to warn reliably at about 7 minutes to the hour, then carry on to strike. The bushes have not been replaced, so that might be worth investigating Thank you also nevenbekriev. I think what you say about the minute wheel may be the answer - I shall have a very close look at it.
  2. Hello. I am lucky enough to own an antique 36 hour, chain wound, whiteface, longcase clock. It stood in our kitchen for over 20 years and began to stop at random times, as well as mostly not striking. We diagnosed that it needed cleaning and oiling, which has been done. It now runs beautifully and strikes every hour on the hour. BUT, it stops every three hours, to the minute - well sometimes it manages 6 hours, or even 9 hours, but you get the idea. This happens regardless of what time it has been started. When you come to re-start it, by swinging the pendulum, it doesn't begin ticking
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