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  1. Ahhhh, I had no idea, let's hope there's a better explanation in the sequel.
  2. I guess a ball bearing underneath would help them spin freely...like if he'd pulled the drawer harder I wonder if they'd spin more. Also I imagine the watches actually sit in quite a deep drawer...something I can look into once I build up a collection (and have a bigger wardrobe...maybe a bigger house too!). Thank you Hmmm, something like this but lying down - Haha, right I need to get back to work.
  3. Hello watch enthusiasts, Very excited to be here, I wanted to introduce myself. I am based in London (not born and bred), and feel like I am just at the start of my watch journey. I've always had a fleeting fascination with the tiny mechanical design behind a watchface but it wasn't until coming across moonphase complications and the effort going into some of the very rare pieces that I started to really take notice and read into the watch world, deeper down I think the scene in Marvel's Dr Strange where he pulls out his watch shelf really left an impression on me. It's been a couple of years now of reading and watching (quite enjoying Urban Gentry on YouTube) that now I feel like I'm in a position to actually build my own collection. I have no interest in flipping anything, more I'd like my own Dr Strange shelf to fawn over and have something for every occassion...and whenever finding time to myself have something to marvel at that isn't my phone. Early life was all about Swatches and a Victorinox but I feel my first real watch was a simple rectangular Longines, I recieved this over a decade ago and it's what I wear most days. More recently I recieved a cheeky retro Casio (A159WGEA-1EF), perfect for my most casual outings and I'm a huge fan of everything about it, it's also a good fit on my smaller wrists (~6.5 inches). On the wishlist I'm eyeing up two watches for this year, the Tudor Black Bay 88 (maybe the black with fabric), and a Rolex Explorer II for my father (erring towards polar face). In coming years other watches that are on my wishlist (of course subject to change) include: Rolex Date Just 36, MeisterSinger Lunascope, IWC Portugieser w.2 comps/Portofino w.3 comps including moonphase, AP Moonphase (2nd hand), Cartier Tank, Breguet Classique, and finally really hit hard with something totally unaffordable like a Honeygold Langematik from Lange a Sohne, a Grand Complication from Patek Philipe, or a JLC Duometre Quantieme Lunaire. I hope down the line I'll have built up enough knowledge in this world that I may be able to help a newcomer. Best
  4. Great thread! I was hoping to start my own asking a similar question. Do those in the know generally try to use as few ADs as possible to buy their watches or do they pick and choose depending on the make? I'm in the market for a Tudor now, a Rolex next, and then over the following years have created a wish list for other models (Cartier, MeisterSinger, IWC, AP etc etc). Thanks, @Andrew0409 hopefully any answers to my question help you as well.
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