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  1. Only two of the watch types have the kenissi movement which are used by Tudor. The others have eta movements. Looks quite promising but just slightly worried that the warranty on a new watch is longer than the company has been around. They look good but I’d rather spend on a more established brand.
  2. I bought a Rolex GMT in 2010 when Subs were difficult to come by. Tried to tell myself that the it was cheaper Watch with an additional function which made it the better buy (the depth rating didn’t really bother me). Didn’t fancy the wait and could believe that there was a wait for a Rolex. Fast forward a few years, got the SubC. Much happier, don’t miss that GMT one bit!
  3. Yeah I’d think that a Seiko cocktail as mentioned before would be great at this price. I certainly wouldn’t been looking at the fashion brands for this price
  4. Union were much better then. Now not so great but their old watches were superb.
  5. Looks really great. I’d have one! Now just have to find the monies.....maybe a few more centuries.
  6. Yes, seeing three dates in the date window for me is totally pointless. I also hate the pointer date too.
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