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  1. Thanks for your replies. I have found a couple of examples of a watch looking almost identical to mine (minus the 'date-en-bigger-er' in the acrylic crystal). which were made in 1973. A 24-33 Calibre apparently. https://ostalgieruhla.wordpress.com/ruhla-watches-decade-by-decade/ruhla-1970s/#jp-carousel-2245
  2. Hello everyone, I've recently acquired a Ruhla watch and am hoping some of you might be able to make a more educated guess than I can at the age of it. The person I bought this from thought it was 1980s but were no more specific than that (which makes me think that might have been a wild guess!). A couple of things I've read online make me suspect it could be a little older but I'm no expert! It's an unusual blue, almost teal / turquoise colour with "Ruhla", "Antimagnetic" and "Made in Germany" printed on in white. There's a date dial with red numbers on white and it has whatever the little magnifying bit over the date in the acrylic crystal is called! ('Date en-bigger-er'?). The back appears to be a snap-on case back. I have looked all around the edge but cannot see a lip anywhere for lifting the case back off. I would like to be able to take the case back off if anyone can advise how to safely do this. The hour hand appears to occasionally (not always) lag behind in varying degrees. E.g it is sometimes shows on the hour when the minute hand it as half-past (half an hour behind), or sometimes shows just before the hour when the minute hand is at 12 (just a few minutes behind). I suspect it has not been worn or wound for years so am currently winding it up and just allowing it to run for a few days to see if this loosens up any stuck workings. Any other tips? Things to check to diagnose any other problems? All advice much appreciated! Thanks very much! Chris
  3. Thanks everyone! Your help has been much appreciated. I feel confident in saying this is certainly a French watch and likely from the 1950s. I think I've probably reached a dead end on finding out any more for now but that's certainly more than I knew a few days ago. (I have another watch that I'm hoping to ask for your help in dating. A Smiths watch that was my grandfather's. I'll save that for another thread however.) Thanks all!
  4. Thanks very much! That's great! All signs certainly seem to be pointing to France don't they? It'd be lovely to get an idea of it's age. Someone suggested 1960s above...
  5. Hello all! Thanks for your replies. Apologies about the pictures. I hadn't realised they hadn't worked. Trying again! http://imgur.com/gallery/IwLSDRE
  6. Hello, I'm trying to find out when and where this watch might have been made. I'm struggling to find out any information about the maker (which I'm presuming is Rallye) online and wondered if anybody here might have more information. I'm interested in it's history really! Thanks very much for your help! Chris
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