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  1. Thanks for that. The nut has not moved since I adjusted it and my brother is now getting it to keep good time, so I think we're sorted! Good to know the slots are a normal feature, but it seems odd that a clockmaker would have left the nut slack so that it just fell off. Anyway, i have learnt something so that's good!
  2. Please bear with this rank amateur. Being "the mechanical one" I was asked to look at a clock by my brother, who had just spent £200 with a clockmaker to get his old Irish pendulum mantle clock going, but which was now losing time very badly. On inspection there was no nut on the pendulum rod, so the weight had been able to work gently down the rod, although it was still a reasonable interference fit. The nut was lying in the bottom of the case and is a standard looking rating nut, but had two slots cut in it axially at 180°, which could create a friction locknut, but not if the slots hav
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