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  1. hi guys , getting prepared for the snow , and getting my equipment ready how do I can old L&R jars?? , the have gunk in the bottom . please post,
  2. hi , where I get tops for my L&R jars , I have a old set of metal unsure whether they are L&R as they are not marked , any ideas ?? please post, many thanks,
  3. what is the correct L&R cleaning fluid to use in my machines ?? i found two rinses in the garage[ almost empty ] L&R watch rinsing solution with duo-lube watch lubricant #1 added [ use in first rinse] L&R ultra sonic watch rinsing solution . what are the cost these days , I remember Dad having cases delivered its seems every couple of weeks. please post , I could really use assistance, robbt
  4. hi Guys, i am seeking a watchmaker in southern NY to tune-up my size 18 Waltham pocket watch , can someone please assit. many thanks, robbt
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