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  1. curious about this brand. Anyone whos an expert at this brand recommend a place?
  2. yeah worried about that too. once i get my grand seiko will i fear wearing that perfect perfection beauty made by the heavens chiselled in titanium outside even?!
  3. Hello all, I go by the name "falling titan" and I recently started a channel Escapement & watch months ago and its gotten some great explosive growth. Just saying hi. I focus on seiko's alot as its my fav brand. I do watch seiko mods. Then sell them. then make new ones for new video content then sell them rinse and repeat. however, market has dried up a bit with covid and lots of competition from long island watch with their killer islander line! Anyways, thats a little bit about me. if you are bored check out my channel. I have video's pre uploaded till the end of the
  4. i know. but i mean are you buying that instead of a mod? or you have that one already?
  5. id say even if it scratches off the nice beat up patina'd look will be great over time.
  6. I dunno...there are so so so so so so so so many cool unique watches out there in the 1-3k price range like the ZRC 1964 french diver. Its around same price as a bb58 and its crazy for an eta movement but I dunno..i think i'd get bored of the bb58 after a while. this super unique zrc for example is exciting. but thats just me i'm newish a couple years but been wearing watches for over 25 years. I prefer a couple cool pieces mostly historic ones with ties to the past. too many watches so little time! thats where i'm at. i know exactly what I like but am willing to try unique n
  7. man that watch is soo cool i keep coming back to it. how much is it and where is it for sale? at the magazine? its stunning.
  8. always follow the pepsi. if pepsi is down the market follows.
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