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  1. I have a beautiful ladies cocktail wrist watch I got from my grandmother that has the WESTBURY name on it. There is no other writing or notations on the face plate. There are no actual numbers but the 12, 3, 6, and 9 are mini ruby flecks and the rest of the numbers are mini diamond flecks. We've been told by jewelers these are real. The watch is older than 1947 because that is when my grandmother *found* it. She was newly married and pregnant and her husband was away on a military course so she left her apartment empty in Barrie Ontario and went to visit with her parents for a few months until the military course was over. When she returned to her apartment, she found this watch in her drawers amongst her belongings--- she was so irate at her landlady that either a)the landlady riffled through their things and lost her watch or b)rented our their rooms while they were gone but still paying rent. My grandma decided to keep the damn watch out of anger hahahaha. She never had any particular love for this beautiful yellow gold watch because of how she acquired it. She gave it to me in about 2004. I've been trying to find out about the company Westbury since, to little avail. Thank you for so much research. I will try and find a way to post a photo of it. Hope this photo works now
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