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  1. Arrived just a week ago. Can't stop staring at them
  2. Orient Fujitime automatic. As sensible as it gets
  3. Trying out new strap for my Seastar today
  4. Behco automatic. Thanks to spinynorman still in my possession
  5. I've no clue what these are. Can't find any information about this anywhere. Doesn't stop me from wearing them sometimes
  6. Edox Les Bémonts for a relaxed Saturday
  7. Tissot Seastar. Can't stop wearing these since I've changed the battery in them
  8. Hey, your post made me take my automatic Helvetia for a Sunday stroll. Thanks very much for that. As for your watch, I would leave it in its original condition. After some essential service that is. Beautiful watch.
  9. Hey Roy, this is great stuff. I'm just trying to do it on my Hydroconquest but I'm really struggling. I can't even remove the bezel to start with. I'm really scared to do some damage to the watch. It seems such a tight fit that I can't even fit a knife in without the plastic bag. Any suggestion or advice you can give? Thanks
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