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  1. How do you know who's THEM?
  2. Unfortunately, that's how I feel about all my watches. Don't want to get rid of any, because of the reason you just mentioned. So I keep them all, and I'm struggling to keep them going. But in the meantime, I keep looking for new ones..
  3. I thought I had something special and unique. The more I learn about the watch, the more I'm thinking of getting rid of it to be honest.
  4. I have uploaded the pictures to this flickr website and tried to share url here but no luck. Getting old for modern technology..
  5. Hi, thanks for all this valuable information. I really appreciate it. I must say the design of my watch is very interesting indeed as well. I came across one very cheap in very reasonable condition recently, so I went for it. Don't know how to add a picture from my phone gallery. Sorry. Thanks again for your help.
  6. Hello, does anyone have any information about Behco Swiss watch? I have recently found this watch for sale but can't find any information about the brand. Thanks very much for your help.
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