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  1. Pointy tweezers? Now, that's something I do have! I am hoping to sell the watch further down the line so hoping to not have to go down the insulation tape route quite yet. However, thanks for the advice, I may give it a go with aforementioned technical tool! If not we do have a watchmaker in this town and will give timpsons a wide berth unless I need a new shed door key, promise! Thanks Davey!
  2. Thanks biker, makes complete sense. However after a couple of tries and no loupe available yet, I think I'll take it somewhere that won't potentially snap it in half! Thanks for your help, appreciated!
  3. Could someone please advise how to get the battery out of this Casio please. Complete newbie to watches but with a growing interest. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the info and links, really helpful !
  5. Haha, not the neatest job is it? That's part of what I'm wondering, was it just an original bad paint job or has it been butchered at a later date? Watch wise there loads of oldish quartz ones, a few dodgy Florida flea market ones. Not sure what would be classed as interesting but there's an Omega seamaster crosshair dial, a cardinal rallye gt, a Smiths deluxe , a few timex automatics, a seiko world time automatic...not got through all the rest of them yet!
  6. Hi, complete newbie here. I've inherited in excess of 200....yes 200 watches of all types/dates etc. so you may hear a fair bit from me! I've started doing some research on the watches and have found a fair bit of info on a few but this one has me stumped! Could anyone help date this please and have any more info?
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