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  1. Hello - just joined the Watch Forum - looks a fascinating place. Sold my Omega Seamaster Professional GMT (the one with the co-axial movement and the display back) in 41mm for more than I paid for it (pre-owned) a decade ago and wanted another daily-wearer to replace it. So I ordered a Longines HydroConquest watch L3.840.4 on-line from Beaverbrooks. It looks lovely - I'm really happy with the look, but..... Firstly, I was unable to actually wear the watch - how do you open the bracelet's deployment buckle!!!!!!!!!!!?????? There's a retaining flap, with the winged logo on it, which flips up, but what happens then? I've tried to pull up the end of the panel underneath it, which has "30bar 300 meter" on it, but this doesn't move even if pulled very firmly. I didn't want to force it further in case it's supposed to open a different way? Even our local jewellers, who resized the bracelet, were mystified and they've been in the business for decades! Secondly, the seconds hand only aligned properly with the seconds markers on the dial at a few locations. Consistently, for most of its travel it was slightly behind the markers; in a couple of places it's half a second out and was only exactly on the markers in one or two locations. I'm talking about the placement of the hand, not the watch's timekeeping. I'm not sure if the internal mechanism was slightly misaligned, or perhaps the dial markings aren't 100% accurately stepped around the dial. Either way, I'd have hoped for better in a Longines, even though it's "only" a quartz watch. The more I looked at it the less happy I was - once you've seen a fault you can't un-see it.... So took it to my local Beaverbrooks in Whiteley - they agreed it looked wrong and took it back (unworn) and I'm now just waiting for the return to work through their system and for a new one of the same to be delivered. I'll be checking that under an electron microscope before accepting it. Beaverbrooks = 10/10 for service both on-line and in-branch. Longines = umm And while I wait for the new one, any ideas what the spacing on the case horns is? 22mm? 24mm? Might order a nato strap for it in blue to replace the S/S bracelet. Regards to all - David
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