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  1. Thanks for your feedback. For this project, I have to stick to one size otherwise it will increase my MOQ with the manufacturing partner. Based on the feedback I have collected so far, 40 mm is the "sweet spot''. When the design is confirmed, I will have more visibility on the production cost. I aim to sell the watch for around EUR 250 for the early backers on Kickstarter. Everything will be confirmed when the samples are produced and all the costs of running this project are confirmed. Thanks for your feedback. I will see what I can do.
  2. Thank you @KAS118. I tested as well the bezel with a shorter hash at minute 1 (V2). The idea is to balance it with the missing hash at minute 14.
  3. I reworked the dial, bezel and hands. Please don’t pay attention to the color of the dial and the design of the indices. The changes will be applied to all designs for both the black and white dials. V1 This is the previous version as presented in my first post. V2 Dial: thicker numerals. Hands: updated hour and minute hands. They are also slightly longer than in V1 and V3. Bezel: thicker numerals and hashes. V3 Dial: same as V2 Hands: same design as V2, same length as V1 Bezel: same thickness for the numerals and hashes as V2 but rehaut (the inner bezel ring) wa
  4. Dear @KAS118, thanks for your feedback and good wishes. It is much appreciated. @Davey P thanks for your message and support. Indeed, when I designed my watches, I took inspiration from the FF as the direction I am taking with Time Locker is military inspired vintage timepieces. Cheers, Brice
  5. Thanks @RoddyJB for your comment on the bezel. I will see what can be done. Thanks @CB200 and @KAS118 for your feedback.
  6. Thanks for all your feedback. It is much appreciated. @Caller. yes, there will be other options than the NATO strap. I used this strap in the rendering to see how it would look like. For the bezel, I wanted to have a thick one, but I will see if the thickness can be reduced a little. I will also look at the hands. @AVO the thickness is 14.00 mm. That's the thinner I can go with the NH35A and with the current specs of the watch. @Lug in addition to the NATO, there will be a leather strap, and I am also working on a steel bracelet. Once again, thank you all for taking the
  7. Hello, I would like to share with you renderings and 3D prints of a dive watch I have designed. The watch has 3 dial variations. To design these watches, I drew my inspiration from the military timepieces worn by combat divers in the 50’s such as the FF. What do you think? Black dials White dials The case Please ignore the case ''mini facets''. The software created them. The case will be smooth (no facets) with a brushed finish. Here I printed different versions of the case. The specs 316L stainless steel
  8. Thanks for the tips and the welcome. Here is an interesting article about watchmakers in Seoul https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/14/fashion/watches-seoul-clock-alley.html.
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome. Yes indeed. The fact that China is next door, I would not be surprised if a few fake Type A-17 are in circulation here! Thanks @Roy!
  10. Hello, Brice here. It's nice to meet you all. I am from France, but had the chance to study one year in Huddersfield as part of my Erasmus year. I must say, it was a fantastic year. My father shared with me his passion for watches. This lead me to design my own timepieces. Being a history buff, I am particularly interested in military watches. As I am currently based in South Korea, I hope to be able to find one day in a local flea market an original military watch from the Korean War era. Let's stay optimist . Cheers!
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