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  1. Thank you, Simon. I wouldn't know what to do in terms of dismantling or cleaning it, and in truth I was intending to give it to charity or sell it if it wasn't an easy fix. Do you think it would be of any value in its current condition? Really appreciate the response.
  2. Hi all, I have a Brook & Son vintage mantel clock that I have never been able to wind. It opens from the back and has its winding key, but it barely moves a hair. It looks like there is a latch/lock which prevents the winding mechanism from turning (see pic 4 below). Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, Shane https://ibb.co/8PMP4g2 https://ibb.co/ThgBh07 https://ibb.co/19VGb1q https://ibb.co/rQSd4qL (lock/latch?) Sorry it seems my pics didn’t link in the first post: https://ibb.co/8PMP4g2 https://ibb.co/ThgBh07 https://ibb.co/19VGb1q htt
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