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  1. Hi Roy, that would be fantastic, I will pay all your P and P costs. As a new member I don’t think I have access to DM to send you my details. Thanks!
  2. Thanks everyone. I will be, often, asking for help as I start what I hope will be a rewarding hobby. I have had excellent help from two members regarding removing a stem, lots and lots to learn!
  3. @andyclient Thanks, by luck only, the stem was in that position when I removed it. I have been polishing the glass as I wait for my cheap Amazon repair kit to arrive. I need to find out if I have an aptitude for this before buying the proper equipment. I also need to find a source for non-working mechanical watches. My first thought was eBay, but those are mainly quartz movements, I doubt if this would every be more than a hobby and having a supply of watches to play with will be ideal.
  4. Hi Roy, brilliant! Was trying to add a picture when your post popped up. I will try now, thanks very much.
  5. Hi As a new member and just starting to dissemble a watch, I feel I will be asking for lots of help. I have my Father's Eterna Matic watch that works sporadically, and I though it was a good place to try my first repair, and I have fallen at the first hurdle. The watch says Brevete Swiss and Eterna Matic 25 Jewels on the movement. I successfully removed the case back but I can't see how the Crown and Stem come out; the videos on YouTube always show a screw to loosen. And, of course, mine doesn't have any screws nearby, only the two securing the movement in the case. Pl
  6. HI! An unexpected stay in hospital found me on YouTube and the many watch repair videos. I have always been a watch fanatic with a small collection of automatic and quartz watches. Now I want to try my hand at repairing old watches, and this forum has some interesting posts, and lots of very knowledgeable members. I'm starting with my Father's Eterna Matic and I already have my first request for help.
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