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    Hiya, any tips on how to work out the caliber of a Tissot pocket watch? I have the serial number which dates it to 1929-1930 but do not know the caliber and cannot find any info online to work it out so that I can get a replacement balance staff. Any ideas would be much appreciated! Thank you
  2. Hi! My dad is a bit of a pocket watch nut and loves collecting old pocket watches and repairing them. Usually I will be the one to source parts for him online and generally manage quite well to get a hold of what he needs. However, he has just got his hands on a Tissot pocket watch. The serial number dates it back to 1929-1930 but I have no idea how to find the caliber number and cannot find any information on line as to how to work it out. Any ideas or tips would be very much appreciated!!
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