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  1. No problem if this design doesn't speak to you. I agree no design will certainly please everyone! This is my very first collection and there are alot of things to learn. You're right, i'm not a microbrand yet until i actually launch something. The production of the prototypes are already underway and more pre-marketing will be done then. In 6 months time, i hope to be in the position to launch a second model!
  2. It's a custom font that we created! You can say it is based on an inspiration drawn from the breguet numerals and infused with a modern touch to it. The renders aren't the highest quality, but we're certain that it will come out clear and legible once the prototypes are out! We liked the previous design, but unfortunately, the circle hands created a polarisation of two groups, one which liked it, and the other which found it either not as legible or constant comparisons with a certain popular Russian brand and another Microbrand. Perhaps once the protos are out, it'll change your mind!
  3. Yes! The watch will be powered by the Miyota 9122 Movement. Other basic info as follows: Case (41mm) Thickness (11.2mm) Lug to Lug (46mm) 5 Bar Brushed Finishing Epsom Leather Strap
  4. Stories Through Time: Celebrating humanity's collective fascination with the stars through the ages Back in November 2020, i first launched the first rendition of my inaugural collection of my new Microbrand startup. Previous post can be found below: Since then, I have worked with my designer and made a couple of revisions to the original Stargazer design. Design tweaks to the hands to enhance the brand identity and legibility Exploring the possibility of a honey gold colour on a G5 titanium case popularised by haute horology brands Through the combination of two very different facets of traditional and modern watch-making, I present to you an even more visually compelling collection that enhances the space-like aesthetic housed in a modern customised CNC case design, constructed using high-quality Grade 5 Titanium, offering strength and lightness. Which one of our Stargazer collection catches your eye the most? Follow our development journey at www.bauche.watch. Launch Date: Q3 2021
  5. The inspiration was based on astro clocks, floating planets and certainly the Raketa Copernicus. Several watch collectors have also brought up the watch's close resemblance to another MB brand, the Beaubleu Paris. The MB world is diverse, and we've prepared for any close resemblance to other brands, hence, we've infused the design with our own original ideas as much as possible. The original idea is to have an asymmetrical concept imbued with a space theme using 2 stone as the dial of the watch. Hence, with price point in mind, the Miyota 9122 was selected as the movement that powers the watch. This is where the triple calendar fuction comes into play. The choice of movement also allows us to assimiliate the asymmetrical concept within the dial design. However, it also leaves us with the next question: how do we incorporate symmetry within an assymemtrical design, so it won't get on anyone's nerves! With this in mind, we took careful considerations to ensure we are not copying, but use existing designs and see how we can make it better using our own original ideas. Hence, the Raketa Corpenicus was looked to for inspiration to achieve the symmetry within the asymmetrical concept. Part of the brand's concept is to use existing movements and taking it to the next level. Although Microbrands are constraint by what is available to us - in this case, the watch movements - what we strive to achieve is how to creatively use existing movements into our design ideas.
  6. We've listened to the ground from the initial launch of the Stargazer concept here on League of Watch Microbrands, making tweaks on finer details to ensure the product stays relevant to market wants and needs. Leaving no stones left unturned, we've relooked at our entire line up, pouring through many different varieties of stones, using the Aventurine stone as the base, finding and selecting a suitable second stone that has the closest resemblance to our Floating Planets' in space theme. The hour, minute and seconds hands were reworked to ensure that they don't take the focus away from the star of the show - the unique combination of stones - all while keeping in mind legibility for easy time reading. The pushers and crowns are worked and placed to ensure they run smoothly with the curves of the case design. And with confidence, we proudly present the full line up of the Stargazer Triple Calendar collection! Prototyping of the product will start at the end of November 2020.
  7. Hi Everyone! It has been awhile since i last posted the following on this forum, which was a survey to generate findings what people would like to see in an MB watch. First, i would like to officially introduce the launch of my new Microbrand - Bauche - based in Singapore. After months of deliberating, working with a couple of talented watch designers, throwing different ideas onto the table, ironing out technical and engineering feasibilities, identifying trends, USPs, sellability, colour schemes, design symmetry, case design, design DNA for the brand, we've finally nailed down a concept that we hope to launch in Kickstarter/Crowdfunding Q2 2021! Presenting to you, the Bauche Stargazer Triple Calendar concept - a unique offering that combines 2 different type of stones on a single dial. Using the Aventurine stone as a base, the second stone represents 'Floating Planets' in space. Stone offering candidates are Malachite, Meteorite, Tiger's Eye, Lapis Lazuli and Obsidian. This is only a draft concept, with finer details such as the hour and minute hands, pushers, crown position still to be worked on for legibility purposes. Your feedback and comments are very much welcome and appreciated! To follow the watch development journey and launch on crowdfunding platforms: https://www.facebook.com/bauchewatches
  8. Hi Everyone, I am looking to create a new Microwatch brand and have already started on the logo and watch design with my design agency. In the meantime, i would like to do some market research through a survey. The purpose of the market research is mainly to find out what designs and offerings consumers like, want and are looking for, would like to have, what they would like to see, are in market trends. The data gained in the market research will be used to determine the design direction and offerings of the watch, thereby increasing the chances of crowdfunding success as I will then be offering to consumers a watch that they want or like. I would greatly appreciate if fellow watch enthusiasts and afficionados would kindly participate and help me garner some results! Survey Link https://survey.app.do/microwatch-brand-design-survey I will be posting the 2D renderings of the design concept when it is done in the coming weeks/months, along with the brand's concept. Ran Minute repeaters, like most finer things in life, only improve with time
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