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  1. In your opinion, what it the best movement in a budget watch?
  2. Love the sopranos, used to drink whiskey, eat honey roasted peanuts and watch the show!
  3. Hello All, I'd like to see the one that got you into this hobby!
  4. No I don't really know much about Russian watches. Where might I start?
  5. Thank you very much for all replies and support everyone!! I feel very welcome and will have a good look at all suggestions. Out of interest, my budget is around £300 but would stretch to up to £380 for something I fall in love with. I also might be tempted to buy two watches, maybe a 009 and a Bambino? To span a range of occasions with my collection.
  6. Hello All, I'm new here and I'm just getting started in this lovely hobby. And I'm about to purchase my first "proper" watch. By this I mean not a fashion watch and not a bog standard quartz (although I know of course that there are some respected watch models that are quartz). I have a chronograph from Fossil and a diver-style tissot currently. Both are quartz. I was thinking I may go for a dressier model to round off my very beginner collection. Maybe a sarb or a pressage model. Alternatively, I might forget the dress watch idea and go for an skx or a samurai (I do quite enjoy the pepsi bezels). Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.
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