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  1. I understand your problem i have liked watches all my life but only started buying/collecting in the last two years. I was not sure wether to buy a tudor black bay 58 or put a limit of a few hundred pounds on a watch. I'm by no means wealthy but i'm pleased i decided on the tudor, If you dont try for the tudor you would like you might always regret it. Take a chance would be my advice. good luck.
  2. Thanks for all the advice it is very helpful. As i said in anther post i'm new to watch buying/collecting and i keep all this in mind.
  3. If i buy what i like it would mean buying both, i give myself until the end of October to decide. all your views are appreciated
  4. Thanks this is the sort of opinions i need this would be both blue this would be both blue
  5. Opinion/Advice please. Omega seamaster 300m, Or breitling superocean 42. these will not be used for diving. I hope to buy one of these for the long term thanks.
  6. As i have said i am new to watch buying/collecting. this year i have bought a tissot and two tudors from an AD. I was thinking about used for my next purchase purhaps a tudor pellagos black, or breitling superocean 42 blue. But looking at the used prices there is not much saving. It might pay to go for new again.
  7. thanks for the help, Is watchfinder pre owned a trusted place?
  8. Hello could anyone tell me if there is a trusted place to buy second hand watches. thanks.
  9. Hello just joined this forum. sort of new to watch collecting but ive been interested in watches since my nan gave me an ingersoll when i was 4 years old some 58 years ago. the last two years i have really got the bug, i now have a tissot gentleman powermatic 80. tudor black bay 41 blue. and a tudor black bay fifty eight, i love these watches like a friend., Thing is this i like the look of the breitling superocean 42 blue but no nothing about breitling, is this model good, not so good, any help appreciated thanks,
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