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  1. Deep, nevertheless probably true.
  2. Well Wrench i feel the same way, What do we do? Is the bubble going to burst on Rolex?
  3. This is not a collection, I have a collection.This is a new thought/ idea . I could go for.
  4. Their are only two Rolex watches I like and would buy. The first is a Rolex Explorer 39 mil, the second is Rolex Datejust41, My local dealer had a Datejust41 mil three months old never worn, wanted 8,500 pounds. He would not move on the price. I have come to realize I never really wanted a Rolex in the first place. I could have gone to 8.500 but i'm buy no means wealthy. Is this the power of advertising.??"?
  5. Thanks for all your thoughts. I do seem to have a problem, or fear of wearing a watch that costs nearly 5000 pounds. I have four tudors all around three thousand. I seem to have a problem wearing something over this price.. anyone else feel this way?????
  6. Just a thought, if you had a choice of one watch an OMEGA AQUA TERRA . Or three watches a longines spirit. 40 mil. a Tudor 1926, 39 mil ,and a Hamilton khaki field 40mil. what would be your choice.????
  7. thank you very much for the help.
  8. Hello i could do with some help please, Is CHRONO24, a safe reliable place to buy from, i was looking at watches from the USA. Germany and others. thanks. paul.
  9. I understand your problem i have liked watches all my life but only started buying/collecting in the last two years. I was not sure wether to buy a tudor black bay 58 or put a limit of a few hundred pounds on a watch. I'm by no means wealthy but i'm pleased i decided on the tudor, If you dont try for the tudor you would like you might always regret it. Take a chance would be my advice. good luck.
  10. Thanks for all the advice it is very helpful. As i said in anther post i'm new to watch buying/collecting and i keep all this in mind.
  11. If i buy what i like it would mean buying both, i give myself until the end of October to decide. all your views are appreciated
  12. Thanks this is the sort of opinions i need this would be both blue this would be both blue
  13. Opinion/Advice please. Omega seamaster 300m, Or breitling superocean 42. these will not be used for diving. I hope to buy one of these for the long term thanks.
  14. As i have said i am new to watch buying/collecting. this year i have bought a tissot and two tudors from an AD. I was thinking about used for my next purchase purhaps a tudor pellagos black, or breitling superocean 42 blue. But looking at the used prices there is not much saving. It might pay to go for new again.
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