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  1. Thanks Relaxer; appreciate your advice
  2. Like your taste! I’m not keen on the white faced ones either - but thanks for the tip on fakes! Thanks for this fantastic advice Julian - super helpful. Nice one AlwaysWatching, appreciate your comments and agree that people’s comments have been very awareness raising! Agreed! Thanks for your thoughts.
  3. Thanks both. That’s brilliant advice. Will look for a dealer! Yes maybe I was being hopeful around the price! After more searching I can see the range is more like 3.5-5k gbp. Thanks v much.
  4. Can anyone kindly offer any advice on which model Panerai luminor is best to buy in terms of value and reliability? I’m looking for a previously owned one - it looks like they sell for approx £2-3k? Any advice from others who have purchased one would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. New member here, super happy to find this site! Have always loved watches and discovering different styles. Thanks to all who have contributed to this fantastic resource. Looking forward to learning from you all.
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