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  1. I have incoming of a Citizen 8946 (Apparently the watch worn by Doc Emmett Brown in Back to the Future part 2). It is bust but hopefully I might be able to bring it back but if not and the screen is dead, is there anywhere to get a replacement besides waiting for a working model to appear on fleabay?
  2. I am on the lookout for a Casio MMA-200W movement. Where can I get one? Anyone got a working spare movement? Dont have the watch yet but looking in advabce of its arrival.
  3. Ok, managed to find out a bit of info from a French forum. The watch was made by Claude Crettiez so I am guessing it was CC and not CG or GC. Since finding out this info I have managed to find some identical movements with interesting reading. Just in case anyone in the future has a similar quest, the info I have found is below courtesy of Google Translate. Very high quality French pocketwatch from end of the 19th century in perfect working order . High grade Chronometer from Claude Crettiez made in Arâche , Haute savoie , France . As often Crettiez did'nt put his name on the dial . Instead of doing that he only put 'Chronomètre' or nothing at all . That way he gave the distributors the opportunity to put there own name . The quality of the caliber can compete very well with those of the very well known Swiss manufactures and Crettiez tought that his name was more appropriate on the inside .
  4. No. I had a pile of (s)crap jewellery I piled off on a dealer at an antiques fair.
  5. OK, its a homage, fake, clone whatever you want to call it and I want to make it into a decent home made watch. I want to use the movement as it seems to be half decent (sweep and keeps good time) and put it into a divers style case as I like dive watches. Currently resides in a 43mm case. Can the movement be taken out and re cased with a custom dial? The sub dials don't do much. Press the pusher buttons and the hands just move a bit. They serve no purpose. Can I just remove them?
  6. Best way to remove the water stains on the inner and outer case ?
  7. Nothing is impossible lol All I have managed to find out is that it is a pin set pocket watch and this type of mechanism was 19th century early 20th. Any advice on how to get the movement out of the case as the pin setter is confusing me.
  8. Managed to take some bits off and under the dial was CG or GC and 1602. Any idea of maker?
  9. Not sure yet. Needs a stem and crown, but the sub second works when the wheel is given a gentle blow. Ive taken off the front cover and it is bright white despite the yellow look from the acrylic I might see how much of the water damage I can clean and see if I can get it working. Would be nice to get a bit of history on the brand and age.
  10. OK Back from Paris and have uploaded some pictures. Hopefully we might be a bit wiser. Looking forward to reading some of the scratches within the case.
  11. Currently in Paris and picked up this pocket watch. Any info appreciated. Missing crown and maybe a few other things but would be nice to put a year on it. Hope the link works as I'm not able to get to my regular photo server Image 1
  12. I go there often and the ones I like get my hopes up until I read it is out os stock. I need to be quicker lol
  13. Im in cash converters on a regular basis looking at what they have, but its all fashion names like Michael Korrs etc etc. They had an invicta in there, but it was a bit ugly. Ideally looking for 70's/80's watches
  14. Where I live, there are no speciality watch shops, just the usual shops like Ernest Jones etc etc. I am looking for retro type watches, second hand, unusual, different. Unless there are any back street jewellers selling old watches in Manchester or Liverpool then it's just the internet for me. Even better if I can get it wholesale
  15. Besides the usual outlets like fleabay and Amazon, where else do you go to look for watches? Where the hell do people get these watches that have been lost in the depths of a warehouse for years?
  16. Hmmm, perhaps an OLED screen programmed with a classic look. Now theres an idea lol
  17. Thanks for the info. I know LED stuff aint cheap, but you never know, there could be a Chinese LED out there that gives off that classic look R
  18. Is there anywhere that sells LED modules similar in size to the Omega 1600 TC1? Just in size, not for an Omega. Oh yeah and cheap
  19. Woo Hoo, It's after my pay day, so I'm getting something
  20. Very nice. There was one on Shpock last week, but it was a black face and rubber strap. Congrats on your find
  21. Looks like a Tag Heuer Microtimer. Also looking at it, looks to be of the China variety, but I am no expert.
  22. Edit: Trial and error decided to show up and what carnage they caused. New crystal on order
  23. I am slowly making my way through my 4205 project (which can be found in my blog). Can someone explain how to remove the crystal as I have forgot. I have seen stuff on Youtube but none relate to the 4205. I am sure there is a retainer ring or is it a case of just pressing it out? As you can see, it looks like a retainer. Whilst I am on the subject, where the hell does Ramon get his watches from. He's been selling crapped up watches for years. Surely there can not be that many in the world??
  24. Guardsman LEONARD SYDNEY MELLISH 2719746, 1st Bn., Irish Guards who died age 23 on 27 April 1943 buried at Massicault Cemetery Tunisia No relation to PTE Mellish from saving Private Ryan btw
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