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  1. Thanks for the help! I wouldn’t have considered auction houses otherwise Thanks! I’ll definitely look into them I’d definitely prefer hassle free, as I have no experience with premium watch resales
  2. Just the watch. Everything else has been thrown. Thanks for the advice. I might compare between different websites to see what they’re all estimating for the watch. Do you have any experience selling to watches.co.uk or other websites like watchfinder, chrononext or chrono24? I don’t want to take a loss just because I have no experience with expensive timepieces like it. Thanks again I’ll have a look into them, thanks. I don’t think it’s a vintage watch, and from reading around I’d assumed only vintage watches get sold at auctions. But then again, I have no e
  3. Hi, I’m new to the forum. My grandad left me an IWC Portugieser (automatic) and I’m thinking of selling it but I’m unsure of how to go about it Should I get it authenticated by IWC for 300 CHF or just try to sell it? And if so, what places would people recommend in London to get it appraised or sold? I’m not too comfortable with trying to sell it online Thanks in advance. Any advice would be appreciated -Jerry
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