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  1. I like to fiddle with things with my hands. I daren’t buy a gadget spinner because I will never put the damn thing down. So I like to interact manually with my watch. I view adjusting the time once a week as an opportunity to do so, to feel the crown in my finders as in unscrew it and then set the time. This tactile side of things is a different way of looking at what watch ownership means compared to having a quartz which just keeps going.
  2. Please don't regret it because of anything I said. I thought your article was very interesting and it is always good to read about little known brands and their latest offerings. I would not hesitate to buy an AVI-8 if I liked any of their current watches and if I had not already spent too much recently on other brands, none of which are British. To do otherwise would be hypocritical. Of the Blakeslee Chronograph, the Command Pilot is probably my favourite. Of their other watches, the Hawker Hurricane White probably appeals the most, as I have recently been in the market for a Chronograph
  3. Now marketing has been mentioned, their web site is excellent for a “British” brand, even down to British English spelling - “colour” etc. They now have a Help for Heroes limited edition, this being a UK charity. A minimum of 5% of the sale price (£265) of each watch goes to the charity, so £13, at least, will be donated for each watch sold.
  4. I am not even sure that they can be characterised as British-based. On their web site they mention warehouses in the US, UK and Hong Kong from where they ship orders. But they do not make any claims at all, that I could see, about any design or manufacturing presence in the UK, or any British heritage.
  5. Thanks for introducing me to another British brand that I had not heard of. It is notable how many of these brands have, or purport to have, military links in their watches. It leaves me a little bit cold. I don’t have any military connections myself, and I am not sure I want something that celebrates or commemorates this strapped to my wrist.
  6. It is not pedantry when we would have to be mind readers to know what you meant.
  7. Do you mean an aluminium case? “Aluminium” and “alloy” are two totally different things.
  8. My first mechanical watch was a Seiko diver on a steel bracelet, and the weight of that thing has put me off bracelets forever. I am much happier with the watch now it is on a navy blue NATO.
  9. I don’t mind the clocks changing, it helps to mark the seasons. I would be OK with GMT all year too - in the summer, after a long day of sunlight, I don’t need even more daylight at the end of the day. But I would hate permanent BST - I need the daylight on a winter morning to get going.
  10. I like the 41 mm 360 because of the big date and it’s automatic with a later movement - the smaller Orion date is manual wind and an older movement. I wish would Nomos would bring out a smaller version of the 360, keeping everything else the same.
  11. Good advice. Apparently there is a 14 day refund window, whether it will be no quibble is another matter! I will be very careful with the watch when I get it - no removal of stickers etc. I would need to work out how to "try it" without voiding the refund.
  12. I am trying to make my mind up about buying a Nomos Orion neomatik 41 date 360; the only reason I am hesitating is concern about it being too big for my wrist. Here are the main points affecting my decision: From the Nomos web site the case diameter is 40.5 mm; from a review I saw somewhere I believe the lug to lug is 50.7 mm. My wrist size is: circumference 17.0 cm (6.69 ") and width 6.00 cm (2.36 "). I already have a slighter smaller watch that I happy with: it has case diameter of 40.0 mm and lug to lug of 47.0 mm. The size looks OK on my wrist. This will be an onli
  13. To get the discount, use the promo code DISCOVERY at check out on the CW web site.
  14. Thanks for the informative review of a brand I had never heard of, and British too. Just going by the pictures i would have guessed the prices to be 10 times higher. How do they make a profit?
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