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  1. Mine sees how much I have spent on watches and uses it to justify her own purchases, which are meagre in comparison.
  2. My first watch, bought last August, was a diver, but I have gone off them since, and would not buy another one now. My diver has a 40.5 mm case and a date window. Because of the bevel, the dial is quite small, and I find the date cramped and a bit hard to read, especially for double digit dates. I still like the watch, and will probably actually wear it to go swimming when the local lido opens, but I now think bevels are too fussy and much prefer a simple, more cohesive dial. I lament that some brands, like Christopher Ward, seem to have a diver fixation, and wish they would offer more to the less piscine inclined.
  3. My NOMOS Orion Neomatik 41 Date is my favourite watch: A lovely, classy, easy to read dial, which catches the light. At 41mm it fits nicely on my 6.7” wrist. Thin and very light for its size. A quick set date function. At £3300, relatively cheap for an innovative movement.
  4. Bremont gets a lot of criticism, but their commitment to this new onshore facility is really impressive. I hope the new models coming out of it are equally impressive.
  5. I only have four, bought since last August when I started down this road of watch enthusiasm. I often see watches I quite like the look of, but refrain from buying, because “why do I need another one?” I guess for people who have 30+ this inner voice of reason had grown quieter over the years?
  6. Thanks for persevering with a great article, I am sure a lot of know the sinking feeling when the computer swallows hours of work, never to be seen again. Do you know what the actual tie-in is with the Captain Cook, if any?
  7. With my wife we revert to the only thing I remember from spoken Spanish lessons: “lo necesito”, which actually translates as “I need it”. Once those words have been uttered, the other one knows how serious you are....
  8. I was impressed how advanced a watch from WWI seemed to my amateur eyes, and how good the condition of the dial was despite being exposed to the elements for several years. It was nice too for the expert, Steve, to gets his hands on a proper watch/clock repair for once, instead of the loosely defined “clockwork” jobs he is usually given. There was also recently a wedding ring that had been lost for some time; it had slipped off the owner’s finger on their driveway, so subsequently was run over hundreds of times by the family car. When she brought it into the Repair Shop, the ring was a crushed, mangled mess, but the experts worked their magic and returned it practically as good as new. Does anyone know what watch Will the carpenter wears? Looks like a posh diver, maybe a Rolex?
  9. So after a year I will have 12 crap watches, or if some of them are not crap, chances are I won’t like the dial, or the case, or the movement, or the strap, or....no thanks, I think this subscription is a terrible idea.
  10. Unfortunately my IPad is too old to upgrade to 14.4, 12.5.1 is the latest version for it. I forgot to mention that I tried clearing the Safari cache - no difference. In fact all the menu options (Browse, Activity, Classifieds etc) tend to have the same problem. If the menu has a sub-menu, then the sub-menu is shown, but the main page body does not change. I have now worked out that it is to do with the touch on the menu option not always registering as a menu click. It is quite tricky to get a touch to respond correctly. I can long press on the menu open, which opens the Safari popup context menu, from which I can select Open, which will then correctly Open the Classifieds body in the main page. In summary, a quirk of the IPad/Safari touch interface.
  11. In Safari IPad IOS 12.5.1, nothing happens when I click on the Classifieds menu option below the main "The Watch Forum" logo at the top of the page. I can still get to Classifieds via Home, then clicking one of the Adverts at the bottom. The Classifieds menu option works fine in Chrome on Windows 10.
  12. Thanks for the info. I have heard Bicester Village mentioned before, but I don’t really know what the relevance to watches is. So stupid question...what is it, and why is it a big deal?
  13. Not with that attitude . Apparently it is nearly 12:08 in Rio de Janeiro. Anyone from Brazil on here?
  14. Does that mean it is 2018-2023 on the outer ring, and 2024-2029 on the inner ring? So it is only good up to 2029? Seems a bit limiting.
  15. So how does one read the year from that?
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