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  1. I chose the MING. Never heard of the brand before, now I have and they are producing some interesting designs. Pity they do such limited production runs.
  2. That AP Minute Repeater Supersonnerie must be one the most beautiful things I have ever seen. What do I need to do to own that?
  3. Wow...the height on that first one is amazing! I think the height adds to the feeling of the weight, because it will have a higher centre of balance. Congrats to you pulling that off. Isn’t it great how we all like different things? I quite like the fat face and Timex dials though. A lot of detail there to admire.
  4. A kilo is really heavy, so that is like a quarter of really heavy. I can’t imagine walking around with that strapped to my wrist. Maybe around my ankle, as some sort of law enforcement device.
  5. I have found it rare for a review to mention the weight, same as retailers. I assume watch enthusiasts are used to the relatively heavy weight and I don’t give it a second thought. A quick email to the retailer or manufacturer often gets the info though.
  6. I recently bought my first mechanical watch - a Seiko Prospex SPB149J1. One thing that surprised me, as I had not considered it before, was how heavy it was - 168g with the steel bracelet. For someone who was used to wearing smallish digital watches, the weight of the Seiko was a bit of a shock. I have got the weight down to a more acceptable 98g using a NATO strap, and generally I am happy with the watch. However I am now wary of buying any watch that might be too heavy for me. Watch retailers usually give a lot of information about watch dimensions, except for the weight. Christopher Wa
  7. I agree this is a rip off, but homage - no. A homage should make some respectful nods to the design of the original, with its own enhancements, and not try to be an almost exact copy.
  8. Nice to see another Muhle Glashutte. I have recently bought a Panova Blau and am considering their 29er with the white dial.
  9. Is this the M70330B-0003 HERITAGE CHRONO BLUE? On Tudorwatch the crown has shoulders, but your does not seem to? I think I prefer it without them.
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