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  1. Thank you! I knew I'd seen a site that had the pictures I wanted but I couldn't thik of it.
  2. I'm looking at some old Kama watches on eBay. I can identify the factory designations on the movements and the easily seen jewel counts. Both are helpful but is there any way to visually identify a 2603 movement (that should be correct for the watches I'm looking at)? Most ZiM watches with a 2602 have that visible but that doesn't seem to be the case with the ones I'm looking at so I'm guessing that is something from the ZiM factory instead of Chistopol. Or other related movements since I've seen listings with 2604 and 2605 also! Additionally, some watches have what looks to be a solid ri
  3. Thanks Roger. I was probably just outside the 15 min window.. We'll see how this Tekel looks in person. I caved in and bought if. I like the look of chronographs in pictures but I'm a fan of less busy dials on my wrist.
  4. Thank you! I'm not sure how much that helps but I appreciate it. My limited French and Google have both stuck out on finding an old catalog online but more info can't hurt.
  5. Thanks for the comments and information. This watch brings up a ton of different thoughts about why I'm getting into watches but would never call myself a collector. I'm sort of thinking out loud so feel free to skip if you don't want to deal with a wall of text. It seems likely that it is not the original movement. On the other hand it does seem to be a reasonable shock protected mechanical movement. Of course, since that is a French movement, the seller is trying to give it an added hint of quality by saying Swiss. It is hard to see if the funky second hand (that to me doesn't quite go
  6. I like the chrono. Google seems to associate Tekel with Wakmann and chronos but this is a funky anti-chrono. Can the blue second hand be real? The one that initially sparked my curiosity is the one with the miss labeled movement. I'd add that to the post I just made but I don't see a way to edit? No edit seems to be ok because the forum is smart enough to merge!
  7. In another random suggested listing on eBay is a Tekel. Googling says that they made watches in the 60s and 70s but other than that I can find absolutely nothing about them. Just a random brand that died quickly with bad timing right before quartz or some bigger brands low end label?
  8. I saw it on eBay from Italy! I can't quite make myself buy it because I can find absolutely no information about it but it is a cool connection in that the man who discovered (identified would be better I guess) the aluminum ore bauxite is Pierre Berthier
  9. I have seen an interesting watch online. The photo is poor but it says Berthier and Aluminium. On the back it says also lists aluminium plus 3 atm water resistant and the number 3686. I doubt I have any desire to own it but I like the look and have a soft spot for aluminium cased watches so I'd like to know more.
  10. I'm a total novice at this. Recently fell back in love with vintage mechanical watches after years of wearing quartz. I'm on the cheap side; I'm interested in off beat bits of history and design not luxury watches. I have just enough maker type skills to think about watch modding or limited making but am unlikely to go that route in the short term.
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