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  1. I just had a poke about on the net using the VX42E numbers and came up with an image with a VX42E movement for sale supplied with an SR920SW SII battery, the next image along with the same movement appears to have a different battery in it but I can't read the numbers from the image. I am assuming it's an compatible battery from a different manufacturer with a different number. Evergiser, Ryovac and Renta cross reference as 371, Duracell as D371 and Vatra as V371. Seiko SB -AN, Bulova 605, Citzen 280-31, Orient 080-D30 and I.E.C SR69. Chaz
  2. Hiya. Thanks for replying PC-Magician. The details on the movement are; JAPAN 2 No Jewels Shiojiri. Ltd VX42E Other than that I can't see any other markings. Regards. Chaz.
  3. Good evening. I have a retro Animal sport watch that I would like to get going again. The Model Number is W002. I am finding it difficult to track down the battery number as it was removed a while back and lost. Animal themselves say they have no information on the watch as it's not a current model and I am a bit reluctant to pay Jewellers prices when I can fit the battery myself. Any help or information on this would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards. Chaz
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