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  1. Just this cheap and cheerful number for me today.
  2. Something a bit different today and it's a bonus that it keeps pretty good time at +16 secs per day.
  3. This again. Will be something different tomorrow....
  4. Thank you. Where/who would you recommend for NATO's?
  5. Cheers. I might have worded it better. Thank you for the answer.
  6. Morning all, does anyone know where you can buy Seiko branded NATO straps or where they get them? The reason I ask is I have a Seiko 5 bottle top root beer and the NATO it came on is great quality. Thanks.
  7. Gonna hijack this thread slightly.... Are the options for ultrasonic cleaners on Amazon worth it just for movements and parts as a hobbyist?
  8. Is this a one of one? If so how do you order a custom dial from Vostok?
  9. I have not purchased a watch recently. But I have bought parts from Meranom and various eBay sellers based in Russia since the Brexit changes (I also live in Northern Ireland so have that extra knock-on from the sea border) and have not had to pay anything in regards to customs fees or duties.
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