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  1. My Poljot 3133 chronograph for me today.
  2. Morar again. Can't seem to take it off at the moment.
  3. You don't have a direct link to it at all? I have searched through there before and only seem to be able to find there Willard style one.
  4. I am wondering if anyone knows where one of these can be purchased? Or even if they were ever made.
  5. What movement will be in these? Can't seem to see where it says that in the site.
  6. Watch change for something a bit lighter.
  7. I love it. I have a smaller wrist so the size both diameter and lug to lug is perfect. It has actual wire lugs which is very nice. It's very comfortable on wrist, especially when it's on a nato or elastic strap as it weighs very little. Definitely be worn as one of my summer watches. The dial looks even better in person than in my pictures as it is hard to capture on camera to a degree (possibly due to my poor photography skills). Lume is very good and lasts all night. Timekeeping wise mine on the timegrapher was in and around +6s. As an overall package I think it's a perfect interpretation of a trench watch just with more robust construction materials than a vintage one, which is what I was going to get before I saw this.
  8. Vario trench again, just on a different strap.
  9. Wearing my Vario trench watch.
  10. The smiths Everest expedition for today.
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