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  1. Thanks for your help!! Very interesting Indeed monetary value is not the matter. But it would be great to have it working again. IIs suppose that a new mainspring and some lubrication wel already help to get it moving again. Maybe better to have that done by a watchmaker...
  2. Hi Balaton1109, Thanks for welcoming me! This forum seems like a great place to learn some new things! I managed to get some bigger pictures i think. Let's see below this post. Thanks already for your info! So it seems that Vita is a small side-company? That explains why the internet isn't giving too many details of course.
  3. Hi all, I'm pretty new to watches and I do have this Vita 105115 mechanical watch. I really like it, but I cannot find any info about it on the web? Nor about the brand, nor about the type. (all search results go to Viita smartwatches or to Longines Dolce Vita ) Does anybody have any info about this brand? Or about this watch in particular? It's Swiss made. Family-rumours guess it's from around 1945 (or later), but i'm not sure. I'm trying to add pictures but don't know how that works on this forum... Extra info: 17 Jevels - Calendar type Hands have some glow-in-the-dark in
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