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  1. Thanks for all your thoughts... still not decided which one I will get but I think the Fossil is out just because its maybe a bit chunky for me
  2. Thanks Mike, any reason for your choice? I thought Wenger imported the movement with the rest of the parts sourced locally so thats interesting to know
  3. Thanks John. I don't own a Chrono yet so those 2 jump out but I do like the railway look of the Wenger. I'd like to know if the Wenger is a better watch by any degree given swiss made although not (I think) swiss movement. Its all v well the sekonda looking good but not if its going to break but both that and and the Wenger would effectively be free
  4. Hi eveyone, I'm just curious about everyone's opinions... I got a voucher at work and am going to buy a new watch it, nothing fancy as its only £50 but I'd love to know what people think on these 3... the sekonda looks the part and is half prices but I do like the idea of getting my 1st Swiss Made watch (Wenger) even if it is at the entry end. Then there is the curve ball or the Fossil which I think is really good looking... any thoughts on quality pros and cons etc? Is Wenger actually any better (I knows its never going to be an heirloom piece). Any insight is much appreciated as to the merr
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