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  1. Well my post clearly did not go as planned. I wanted to edit the post but can not figure out how! If anyone knows how I can edit it I would appreciate it to clean up the mess I left above! Thanks!
  2. I am honored to open the Wakmann Owners Club! I inherited this watch from my grandfather. It needed fixing. I like watches but don’t like wearing watches on a daily basis. It needed a cleaning and some other work because the main stem slid out of it. I didnt’t want it overhauled with a new crystal or any changes to the face or hands. My grandfather put years of honest wear on it and I didn’t want to lose that. Before pics: [img]https://i.imgur.com/IYyU72C.jpg[/img] [img]https://i.imgur.com/mrGj7Xg.jpg[/img] [img]https://i.imgur.com/gY6xx8H.jpg[/img] Videos I made after it was r
  3. That is why any information I could find might help. If it was expensive there was a well off uncle on my grandmothers side, if it was 1960’s and after it might have been my grandfather. I am thinking a pocket watch like that would usually be masculine, hence the uncle and grandfather. Him saying it is just an old watch doesn’t mean it wasn’t his.
  4. I was given the Josh Johnson in the other thread 20 years ago as it has been passed down through the family since at least my great great grandfather. However the Lancet was in some of my grandfathers things when I helped clean out his house when he was moving 7 years ago. I asked him about it once and he said it was just an old watch and didn’t remember much about it. More than likely it came through my grandmothers side, by then Alzheimer’s had set in so no way of learning any history. My mother only knew history on the Josh Johnson but just that it came from her great grandfather, she had n
  5. Thank you for the deeper research. Yes it has Lancet on both the dial and the movement. I have seen auctions on eBay with the same movement but not stamped Lancet. Also very similar faces with different names as well. Undoubtedly the case and movement were married together in the US but the year may remain unknown. So would I assume correctly that “Swiss Movement” is actually Made in Switzerland? That may be the only thing I can actually nail down on this.
  6. Ah! Excellent site! From what I was able to learn serial number 27842 is dated 1855. So my serial number 27189 was probably made previous to that year. So them being less than 1000 apart can I assume it is probably 1850-1855 production? Also the description of two movements in that serial range are: “Liverpool runner, 17 jewel; exposed set-up; table” and “17 jewel; table or Massey” Is my movement similar tho those descriptions? So also according to that site the original Joseph Johnson lived 1780-1827. Only 47 when he passed but I guess a little of him is in every
  7. First let me say thank you Always “watching” for moving my thread to the correct area and referring me to those pages for information. I realize I had not explained in my original post that I had visited those sites and had been unable to find the information I was looking for. The watch world is tricky to navigate for someone who doesn’t know what they are looking at. Sorry if I stepped on some toes in my quest for information regarding the watch I inherited, that was by no means my intention. I thank any and all replies for any information given, for without it I am truest at a loss.
  8. I have read it but not being familiar with watches it left me more confused on some things. Like was this the original case for it? Is it considered English or American? Would production date go by the movement? Or the case? What years it could be narrowed to? What kind of movement is it? What would be a ballpark value for it? Some of these may be common knowledge to people in the community but I have no idea.
  9. I didn’t seem to get any replies. I am new here. Did I post this in the wrong area for information? Should it be moved to the pocket watch area? Mods feel free to move if you thing there is a better place to get information.
  10. Ok, I will need to look around for a watchmaker. I live in the oldest city in America but can’t find a local watchmaker! Thank you for the information. I saw that site earlier in my search. However I couldn’t find Lancet in the list. Would that be because it is a Swiss manufacturer? The Keystone dates you mentioned would only be for the case, correct? I take it the cases and the movements were put together here in the US and the case serial number is a pretty good indication of when it was made and first sold. Thank you for your input.
  11. So it is a Swiss 17 jewel movement, made by Langendorf Watch Company SA, imported into the US sometime between 1890-1960. The case is a 10K Keystone Victory made as early as 1907. Any ideas on how to narrow the production date? What do the 4213424 numbers mean? Currently the hands adjust but it won’t wind, the round gears turn but then nothing. I am not sure how much it would be to repair but they don’t seem particularly valuable so undoubtedly it would be more to repair than it would be worth. Any thoughts?
  12. Looking for information about this pocket watch.
  13. New to the forum and looking for info on a few watches. First is a Josh Johnson Liverpool pocket watch. I also made a video of it [youtube]PeRnkkFEcuE[/youtube] Sorry, thought I could embed. https://youtu.be/PeRnkkFEcuE
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