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  1. Morning everyone. Can anyone recommend me a source for replacement split pins for the above watch please. Many thanks.
  2. Your welcome! Yes I have decided to leave the collection as is now. I'm quite happy and in all honestly and given the current situation, well there just watches. I may look to see the Tag Aquaracer in the future should i need to free up some funds. Good to find a really nice, non snobby watch forum though
  3. I think i paid around £30 for it, and wear it probably more than anything else! lol! Yes, certainly when i go into 'proper' jewelry shops where the employees/owner are knowledgeable and have been in the trade a while. I don't think Ernest Jones stocked them until recently, bearing in mind iv had my piece for over 3 years. Certainly the most 'refined', It fits amazingly well! 8mm thick and 38mm case width. I didn't pay alot for it either. If that had a different brand on it, it would probably be worshiped by the wider watch community. Thanks!
  4. Agreed, everytime I go into a jewellery store they are surprised to see a Certina. Also, agreed, i love it too I wouldn't say i want something more 'dressy', maybe something more with abit more character? Hence me looking into an older Omega.
  5. Morning all people. Hope everyone is doing well, especially with the on-set of the second semi-lockdown! After picking up my second Tag Heuer I've been considering the state of my collection. At the moment I have 5 pieces and I would like to get to a point where I get down to 3 (in due course). This had made me think about the pieces that do not get alot of wrist time. My Certina DS-4 is one of these pieces. Don't get me wrong, the piece is amazing. It looks stunning, bracelet is one of the best in my opinion at this and even higher price points and the thing wears beautifully. I hav
  6. When I began this hobby, I was taken my the romanticism of automatic watches. I am an engineer for totally fascinated by their inner working. You name the reason I was a scupper for it. 'Pass it down to future generations', 'Work for a lifetime', 'Repairable', etc etc. However after the collection grew to 2/3 watches, having an automatic actually became annoying. Having to reset & charge the watch before wearing. I also came to dislike the proportions of the automatic watches. I have average maybe less than sightly average wrists and the fact that getting a watch with a depth of less
  7. Ohh wow some fantastic input. JoT / Scottswatches - im really surprised to learn these dials can go darker! All the models i have seen have featured lighter dials. Interested to know what condition these need to be stored to get them to fade a darker shade! Nick Parr - would like to know anything and everything. I've grown particularly fond of these older models of late. I haven seen many of this model on the used market. Where these less popular? Not made for very long? Thanks to everyone for the links to the info. Both sources are good. Can anyone confirm that the 'D' ser
  8. Evening all, My first post although have been a silent observer of this forum for a while. Looking for some advice if possible. I have recent acquired a Tag Here 989.113N and I would like some guidance on how to tell If I have purchased a genuine item or not. My concern if that the dial shade appears different to the similar 980.113 model with the black bezel. Any advice is much appreciated. Also, if someone has any information on this model I would be greatly appreciated. Below is a link to an image, for some reason it would let me insert it via URL?
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